Mac-Mini as Pluto Media Director howto


Forcing the Mac Mini to boot from the net

Now netboot has to be made the default for the Mac Mini. Boot the Mini into OS X, open a command prompt (or just SSH into it), and type the following:

sudo nvram boot-device=’enet:,yaboot’

where is the IP address of the fc4 server you are going to boot from. If all is well, the next time you boot the Mac Mini, it should boot into linux from the net! You can access your Mini with SSH, as user root, with the same password as the root user on your server. Also once you start X, you can use vncviewer to control the mini.

Once you are tired of Linux, you can boot from disk by default by typing this on the Linux commandline (of the Mac Mini!, as root):

nvsetenv boot-device hd:,\\\\:tbxi

The first time you netboot the mini, a lot of data will be copied (~500MB), also the bootscript will generate the module dependency list, and dynamic library cache. Depending on your network speed this can take upto 30 minutes! The new version of the bootscript (version: diskless-0.3 and higher) forces a reboot after all the copying is done, to use the newly generated modules.dep and ldconfig.cache.