Smart kitchen from Sub-Zero and Control4


Sub-Zero is going to be a competitor of LG and Kenmore in the smart kitchen area. But unlike they Sub-Zero just adds ZigBee chip to its appliance and uses ready-made control system from Control4 which should speedup the development process a lot. Moreover the system can control whole house and not just a kitchen. With LG and Kenmore systems the integration with home control system is not done at all. So, either manufactures should partner with some smarthome system producers or consumers should pay for such possibility. That’s why Sub-Zero and Control4 solution looks more promising. In any case will see it in the second quarter when the first version of Sub-Zero and Control4 smart kitchen is expected.

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RAVEn + Energy Calendar = Power energy monitoring system


Rainforest Automation – producer USB ZigBee dongle and ZigBee powered energy meter chose Energy Calendar by Empower Software as a user interface to give consumers an effective way to control their energy consumption. See the full press release after break.

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ZigBee is going to replace IR in the remote controls


Looks like ZigBee Alliance found another area for their technology. Additionally to energy consumption meters they are going to replace old IR by modern ZigBee. From the first glass it’s good. Because ZigBee is more reliable then IR, it has bigger range and can work even through walls. Also it’ll be much easier to integrate AV equipment or air conditioners to the home automation system which supports ZigBee. But on the other hand maybe it’d be more efficient utilize the RF technology currently used in the wireless keyboards, mouses and remotes. In that case consumers won’t need to replace all control devices.

New Wireless Smart Home Locks From Yale

Yale Wireless Smart Home Lock

Recently new wireless locks were announced by Yale. The company offers two kinds of locks – with keypad and touchscreen. Also there is a choice between used technologies as well. Consumer may choose either Z-Wave or ZigBee version. That fact makes the Yale’s locks very attractive for professional installers and smarthome enthusiasts. Because those technologies are supported by many commercial and open source home automation systems. For example. with the Control4 system which is the premier integration platform for today’s digital home — the consumer may create personalized events or scenes for up to 250 home members (if you need it why not) triggered by the push of a button from anywhere in the home or remotely via the Internet.

The Yale ‘Real Living’ Wireless Smart Home Locks will be available on Spring 2011. There is no any information about the price.

UPDATED: It will retail between $200-$400.

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Control energy consumption with ZigBee Plugwise Smart Sockets

ZigBee Plugwise Smart Sockets

Plugwise announced its new ZigBee Smart Sockets which together with PlugWise Stick USB mesh network transmitter / receiver and PlugWise software can give you a full control under energy consumption in your home. Except that you’ll able to manage sockets remotely. Thanks to wireless technology ZigBee.

Each Smart Socket is £35 and USB transmitter/receiver is £40.

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