LG added Yandex widget to its HDTVs

Yandex Widget

Yandex is Russia’s largest internet company, which offers a lot of useful and sometimes unique services. For example, Yandex maps with traffic jams include live webcams. So, you may see the real road situation or enjoy views of your favourite city (St Petersburg in my case). That’s why I was very glad to know LG added Yandex widget to its network enabled HDTVs in the latest firmware update. The widget includes following services: News, Weather, Traffic Jams, Stock Rates, Foto and TV Guide. Each service has separate page optimized for big screens and navigation with remote control.

The Yandex widget is available in the following LG LCD and LED TVs LX9500, LE8500, LX6500, LE7500, LE5500, LD750, LD650, and in the plasmas PX960, PK960, PK760.