Set aspect ratio under Plutohome

Recently I faced with problem of scaling video picture to the 50″ plasma screen when I tried to play some DVD. I noticed that this issue was fixed in the latest version of LinuxMCE. So, I create a patch between Plutohome and LinuxMCE 0704 for Xine_Player and built it. The difficulty was in changes of logger. It’s completely different in the LinuxMCE 0704. I removed manually all changes related with logger and left only modifications in the Xine_Player functionality.

The patched Xine_Player works fine. It should automatically change the aspect ratio to 16:9 when you stat to play DVD. But sometimes it doesn’t do it. In that case you can send the command directly:
/usr/pluto/bin/MessageSend localhost 0 22 1 916 260 "16:9"
– 22 – ID of Xine_Player in the your installation;
– 916 – ID of command “Change aspect ratio”;
– 16:9 – desired aspect ratio.
The patches can be found here – [Download not found] and the working binary here – [Download not found]. Note, before replacing Xine_Player in your system backup the original version somewhere.

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