XBMC will run on Sigma-based devices


Sigma Designs started port of popular opensource HTPC software XBMC to bring it to their system-on-a-chip devices (i. e. SMP8670). The Sigma is a base for many many media players such Popcorn Hour or WDTV. They expect to have a initial port first-hand at CES this week.

Well, what benefits can we get from that port as users? First of all nice looking, handy and clever user interface which is much much better then any existing one on the media players. Secondly, it’s a possibility to extend core functionality by plugins and customize GUI using different skins. And, of course, this will give a powerful incentive to XBMC development.

Use Kinect to control Boxee and XBMC media centers

Kinect becomes gesture remote for Boxee and XBMC

Using a new Kinect hack called KinEmote – Kinect Driven Media Control, you can manage the Boxee- or XBMC-based media center just by gestures. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Also it can be used any OpenNI compliant camera together with KinEmote and not just Kinect original one. So, you may enjoy native control like on demo video below.
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XBMC 10.0 Dharma is out

A few days ago a new version of the most advanced and popular software to build HTPC was released. I’m talking about XBMC 10.0, of course. It got codename Dharma and its development took almost one year. The changelog of 10.0 is big and you can see it here. I’d like to highlight a few interesting features such support of modern codec WebM/VP8, improved hardware acceleration DXVA2 for Vista and Win7, VDPAU and VAAPI for Linux and CrystalHD for all platforms. The good news for all who’d like to watch and record satellite or terrestrial TV. XBMC 10.0 includes PVR functionality (based on VDR I guess).

So, download and try it. It’s possible to do even without installation using LiveCD. And don’t forget about applications for Android and iPhone which turn smartphones into advanced remote control for XBMC.

yaVDR 0.3 is out!


Today the yaVDR 0.3 was released. yaVDR is an Ubuntu based distribution which joins popular DVB software VDR and popular HTPC software XBMC in one. This version is based on Ubuntu 10.04 and includes development version of VDR 1.7.16.

The most important new feature in the version 0.3 is pre-configuration of PVR settings of XBMC-VNSI during installation from ISO. Also the yaVDR 0.3 offers a new mechanism of waiting when all DVB devices will be ready before VDR starts, wakeup by USB remote control, a new Openbox based minimal desktop environment with Slide-In-Launcher menu on left side of the screen, a new VDR OSD default skin Anthra. Additionally more ready-to-install yavdr-addons were added the applications submen was redesigned.

To install yaVDR 0.3 download its ISO. To upgrade existing installation of yaVDR 0.2 just use apt-get:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

The first beta of the next XBMC version is released!

XBMC Dharma Beta1

Yesterday the first beta of the next XBMC version Dharma was released. The biggest new feature there is the Add-ons system. Now all functionality that doesn’t belong the core of XBMC will be an addon. As result, it’ll be much easier extend base functionality.

Dharma Beta1 builds are available now for all OS. Just visit the download page to get desire one. But be very careful with upgrade existing system. Backup everything you need and be ready to submit new bugs.

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