Open Source iPad X10 Home Automation Controller

QEES Combi Dimmer

Quite interesting project was found on the AutomatedHome site. Its goal is provide open source solution for iPad to use it as X10 controller. It uses Shion, PHP and AppleScript as software part and CM15Pro to communicate with X10 devices. User has a nice looking web interface to configure system and manage devices. That project will be available for download soon.

[via AutomatedHome]

New EasyTouch Panel10 from Marmitek

EasyTouch Panel10

Marmitek released its new EasyTouch Panel10 – wireless 10-inch color touchscreen panel. It can be used as X10 remote control, i. e. without controller or PC. The interface of the EasyTouch Panel10 is completely customize. User can choose any background, buttons or images. Each button can be associated with desire action which should be performed when it’s pressed.

The EasyTouch Panel10 uses two AAA batteries. So, it can be mounted anywhere in your house without additional wiring. The panel needs Transceiver Module TM13 to communicate with X10 devices.

The EasyTouch Panel10 is available in Belgium at €199 and in UK at £179.00, which is reasonable price to add more comfort and hight-tech to your DIY X10 installation.

X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote from Marmitek

Marmitek X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote

Marmitek introduced its new X10 remote control. The X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote can control not only X10 devices in your home. But using its RF transmitter combined with Marmitek infrared-extension products, like the Control Anywhere, consumers may control A/V equipment.

The Marmitek remote control provides following main features:

  • Control up to 10 A/V devices.
  • Possibility to define macros included A/V and X10 commands.
  • Choose channels using recognisable network logos.
  • Personalize the remote for every person in the household.
  • User-friendly Wizard makes programming very easy.

The X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote is compatible with ActiveHome and ActiveHomePro. It’s available now at suggested price €79.95.

[via AutomatedHome]

X10 Freeze Sensor

X10 Freeze Sensor

If you already automate everything in your home then X10 Freeze Sensor might be interesting for you to expand a little bit your system. It’s installed inside your freezer using X10 Powerflash interface and allows to monitor the temperature. So, with X10 Freeze Sensor you’ll able to know about some problems with the freezer before its contents will die.

The X10 Freeze Sensor is available on the Smarthome site at $49.99.

Home automation in GNU/Linux


Recently I found a nice article about home automation using open source software and OS Linux. It covers all aspects of smarthome – appliance control, media recording and streaming, security and surveillance system, telephony. Actually this is a brief overview. So, don’t expect to find there detailed instructions how to automate your home. But as a start point is really helpful.

P. S. LinuxMCE basically offers all features described in that article and much more.

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