Connecting speakers to the PC/Laptop wirelessly

Plugable Wireless Audio Kit

If you can avoid using wires when you connect AV or computer devices each others this is a good. But if you can do that for reasonable money this is a really good. The $36 Plugable Wireless Audio Kit gives us such possibility. It includes two parts – USB transmitter, connected to the PC, and receiver, connected with speakers. The transmitter is supported in Linux, Windows and Mac OS X without installing additional drivers. Using standard 2.4GHz radio frequency gives up to 50 meters range between audio source and speakers within line-of-sight distance or up to 10 meters with obstacles in between.

The receiver can work with one AAA battery or power adapter (selling separately for $14.99). Demo video with setup instruction is available below.
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USB Z-Wave Transceiver & Everspring UK Sockets by Vesternet

Vesternet USB Z-Wave Transceiver & Everspring UK Sockets

Company Vesternet launched a few interesting Z-Wave products in UK. First of all its plug and play transceiver comes with on board drivers and a Z-Wave application for managing devices. So, by attaching it to PC or laptop we immediately will have Z-Wave controller. Clever solution for £49.99 device indeed.

Also Vesternet offers two kinds of kits – Energy and Security. Both of them include free Z-Wave USB stick. Additionally Energy kit contains nine Homepro On/Off Sockets and AeonLabs 3-Clamp Power Meter. Security kit has three Everspring Door & Window Sensors, three Homepro Motion Detector and three Everspring On/Off sockets. Sure you can buy any device included into kit separately.

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New EFO Google TV Mini Wireless Handheld Keyboard

EFO RF Google TV Mini Wireless Handheld Keyboard

EFO launched its new product – Google TV Mini Wireless Handheld Keyboard. It looks like Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard in general but has a few significant changes. First of all, the EFO Google TV Mini keyboard is design to work with Google TV. So, it sports a full set of keys (standard keyboard layout) and multi-touch pad worked in Linux, Windows, Mac OS X. Also the shape of the keyboard is better.

The new EFO keyboard can use either RF or Bluetooth to communicate with box. Its price is $65.00, but now with discount you may buy it for $45.50 only! So, don’t miss your chance to get cool controller for your HTPC.

Demo video after jump.
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Stylish and compact HTPC keyboard

Zalman HD503 Home Theatre PC

Company Ality introduced recently its new product – the WeeBoardTM Mini Wireless Keyboard. That tiny and stylish keyboard is designed with aluminum finishing shell and it will be very good addition to HTPC. It uses RF to communicate with the box and sports optical trackpad for moving a mouse cursor. Additionally it includes media hot keys and has backlit keypad. The WeeBoardTM Mini Wireless Keyboard sports rechargeable battery which is used very rarely in such devices.

The new Ality’s WeeBoardTM Mini Wireless Keyboard will be available for sale worldwide on the Ality’s website coming Christmas, with a retail price of US$79.99. So, don’t forget to notify Santa about your Christmas present.

New Wireless Smart Home Locks From Yale

Yale Wireless Smart Home Lock

Recently new wireless locks were announced by Yale. The company offers two kinds of locks – with keypad and touchscreen. Also there is a choice between used technologies as well. Consumer may choose either Z-Wave or ZigBee version. That fact makes the Yale’s locks very attractive for professional installers and smarthome enthusiasts. Because those technologies are supported by many commercial and open source home automation systems. For example. with the Control4 system which is the premier integration platform for today’s digital home — the consumer may create personalized events or scenes for up to 250 home members (if you need it why not) triggered by the push of a button from anywhere in the home or remotely via the Internet.

The Yale ‘Real Living’ Wireless Smart Home Locks will be available on Spring 2011. There is no any information about the price.

UPDATED: It will retail between $200-$400.

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