Easy way to customize Windows Media Center

Customize Windows Media Center

If you prefer proprietary Windows MCE instead of open source XBMC for your media center then following two program should be interesting for you. Media Center Studio allows to to change Windows MCE background image, menu strip, and fonts for the main interface, while Media Center Themer provides you a way to customize the font style and color throughout Windows MCE, including third-party add-ins. Both program are fully compatible with Win7.

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How to use Zune and Xbox 360 remote controls with your Windows 7 MCE

Zune Wireless Remote

The simple hack will give you ability to use Zune Wireless Remote – new and old, or Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote with Windows 7 Media Center:

  • oped registry and find key Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\HidIr\Remotes\745a17a0-74d3-11d0-b6fe-00a0c90f57da;
  • find the REG_DWORD named CodeSetNum0 and change its value to 0;
  • reboot the PC.

The idea of that hack is to force Windows to scan all IR channel instead of just the first one (Zune and Xbox 360 remotes use channel 8). After applying the hack many other remotes used IR channel different then 1 will be recognized by your system.

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App Store for Windows Media Center

App Store for Media Center

There are many useful plugins for Windows Media Center but all of them hosted in the different places. So, it’s difficult for users find them. So Microsoft decided to make life of MCE users easier by opening App Store. Additionally to simplifying searching of plugins the App Store offers an easy way to install them even using remote control. Also I suspect that all plugins hosted in the App Store will be tested more carefully to do not break user’s HTPCs.

Currently there are not so many plugins in the MCE App Store. But I’m sure that number will be increased soon. Because it should also interest developers as well.

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Nobu N12TBPC


The versatile N12TBPC offers a number of attractive features. This tablet supports XP embedded, Home, & Professional edition. The sharp 12.1” TFT display is the most suitable viewing panel size for a handheld device and provides plenty of room to access your user interface. The tablet comes standard with 802.11G wireless LAN, modem, VGA out for connecting an external monitor or projector and USB 2.0,IEEE 1394 and PCMCIA ports.
No more words about availability and price. We found it when we searched a big touchscreen panel for Plutohome Orbiter. We decided to get for testing Sahara i400 because it’s also supports Windows XP, looks nice and has a real price.

Alienware’s Media Center PC

Alienware Media Center PC

Alienware shows us a new face of media PC. It defenetelly does not look like ordinary media PC. The cosmic design hides AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors, 160GB HDD, 1000 watts of amplification and HDMI connectors for bandwidth-demanding HD video. No more details are available.
The price of Alienware’s Media Center PC is about $1000.

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