New Linux Orbiter for WebDT 366

WebDT 366
Touchscreen PC WebDT 366 was suggested as WinCE Orbiter for Plutohome and LinuxMCE. But it was too expensive (about $1500 – $2000). But now the situation has been changed. There are a lot of touchscreen UMPC on the market and the WebDT 366 was discontinued. As result, its price (for used devices) was decreased and now it can be even budget control panel for the LinuxMCE installation.

One of the LinuxMCE developers Tom aka tschak909 created a micro-distribution of Debian (based on Lenny), which contains the Linux based Orbiter. So, you can find WebDT 366 and flash it by yourself by Tom’s image or you can buy already preconfigured device ($250) or/and bootable LMCE webpad orbiter installation USB stick ($25).

In any case with Linux image WebDT 366 got a new life. So, don’t miss opportunity to add inexpensive and stable 8.4” touchscreen Orbiter to your LinuxMCE installation.