Xbox Media Center API

XBox Media Center

Xbox is one of the best products produced by Microsoft IMHO. Using open source software XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) it can be tuned into full featured media center. LinxuMCE community tries to find a way to use Xbox as a media director but currently without luck. However, XboxMediaCenter offers a web based API to give a full control to the box – HTTP API. Currently there are two ready interfaces for ASP and Python. But since the API is pretty simple it’s easy to implement the same functionality on Ruby, Perl, PHP or other desired programming language. For LinuxMCE it might be good to create Ruby implementation and add the XBMC controller as Generic Serial Device (GSD).
Anyway, HTTP API is a good way to integrate Xbox in your home entertainment area. I’m thinking to create a Perl module or Maemo application for Nokia’s Internet Tablet. But I don’t have enough time and Xbox for testing 🙂

Control Sonos Digital Music System via web

Sonos web UI

The web interface is the best UI IMHO. Many producers of A/V and computer equipment offer it to configure and control their products or provide API at least to give a chance to third-part developer produce it. Sonos Digital Music System also provide a way to use the web controller. It allows to control Sonos boxes in the same Sonos Network from any PC which has web browser. You can easily find song, re-index music library, manage music playing. The controller has a plug-in structure. So, its functionality can be extended without touching a main part. You have a choice between nine themes including version for mobile phones.

The controller for Sonos Digital Music System is available for both Linux and Windows. It open source. So it grows fast and you can help by addigng bug report, sending a patch or developing new plug-in or theme.

Bring up Mythweb under Plutohome


MythTV has good GUI. Using it you can easily define any options, schedule recording or view already recorded files. But web interface is also might be useful. Mythweb offers you access to the MythTV options, schedule and recorded data via web. Just type following URL in your browser:


In my case I got error message:

Directory index forbidden by rule

It happened because package mythweb was installed but directory /var/www/mythweb was empty. I removed mythweb package (it was removed also pluto-mythtv-plugin)

apt-get remove mythweb

and installed it again together with pluto-mythtv-plugin

apt-get install mythweb pluto-mythtv-plugin

After rebooting the core I accessed to the MythTV web interface.