TileVision waterproof TV

TileVision waterproof TV

TileVision from SteelCube may increase the time of taking bath. It comes in 17″ or 23″ widescreen flavors and is equipped with an equally waterproof remote control. Additional features include built-in stereo sound or mono sound and an FM radio.
The TileVision is available for UK residents at price £1289 for 17″ and £1989 for 23″. There is an another line TV for the bathrooms – AQUAVISION. They are also sold in UK with the similar price.

[via ChipChick]

Waterproof Television from Aquavision

If you like TV and want to watch it everywhere it’s time to intall TV in your bath room. The company Aquavision offers waterproof TV with different sizes. The first of the next generation AQUAVISION, this 17.1” screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen, rather than standard ‘square’ picture) IPS (In Plane Switching – a fantastic 176° viewing angle in both planes) means wehavespared nothing. AQUAVISION is designed to form an integral part of your every day life whether it be in your bathroom, wet room, kitchen or T.V room.This unit has a thickness of just 65mm with dimensions of just 371 x 516mm and has a choice of 5 glass finishes.

To switch channels you can use fully waterproof remote control. The price is about £1549.99.