Sky Digibox + VDR = Sky HD

If you are owner of Sky Digibox you can easily add PVR functionality to it using VDR and its plugin sky. The plugin sky is included into official VDR distribution. You can find it in the PLUGINS/src. It creates a new MPEG2-based device which allows to connect the analog a/v output of your Sky Digibox to VDR. So, you’ll able to use the full recording flexibility of VDR with your Sky subscription.
The Digibox is remotely controlled through VDR via LIRC (see, which contains the remote control codes for that). In order to access the Sky channels VDR needs to know the channel number under which each channel is stored in the Sky Digibox. These numbers are used as ‘frequency’ parameters in the channels.conf definitions of the Sky channels (see the file ‘’).
The Sky EPG is available on the Internet at The Perl script extracts the EPG data from these pages
and sends it to VDR via an SVDRP connection.
This is a good example of flexibility of VDR. You can build not only simple PVR but combine VDR with existing satellite TV systems to extend their functionality.

Written by: Klaus Schmidinger
Project’s homepage:
Latest version available at:
Debian package availabe here.