LinuxMCE mock-ups for KDE4

LinuxMCE mock-up for KDE4

As you may know KDE4 is gonna be released next week. Developers promise amazing performance and effects. So, here is a brief conception of new LinuxMCE interface suggested by mymatthaus. It looks nice and presentable. Will see what LinuxMCE developers say.

P.S. Good choice of movie for the screen-shot in the year of the Rat 🙂

The Gyration GC1006M and Plutohome UI2

GO 2.4 Optical Air Mouse

Since version Plutohome has offered a new user interface – UI2. UI2 is based on OpenGL and has amazing video effects. However, it’s a bit difficult to user it with ordinary keyboard and mouse. But with Gyration GC1006M you’ll able to easily control your home. This brief howto explains the basic principles of working GC1006M and Plutohome UI2.

Note that UI2 has a meaning only for on-screen Orbiters. The rest Orbiters use old UI.