Daewoo Solo M1 UMPC

Daewoo Lucoms Solo M1 UMPC

Daewoo has launched a new UMPC – the Lucoms Solo M1. The specifications are standard UMPC:  low voltage 900MHz Intel Celeron processor, 7-inch touchscreen, 512MB of RAM, Bluetooth, WiFi, Windows XP Tablet Edition OS. Additionally, the UMPC includes the S-Video out on its useful looking docking cradle (enables use as a PVR), a 1.3Mp camera (enables use as a videophone), SD card reader (good for photographers) and a DMB TV receiver (good for selling the device with a TV contract where coverage exists.)

The price of the Lucoms Solo M1 is about US$1000 in Korea.

[via The Carrypad UMPC journal]

Pioneer DreamBook UMPC

Pioneer DreamBook UMPC
Pioneer has released his version of UMPC – DreamBook UMPC 700. DreamBook features all options which became standart for UMPC: VIA C7M Nano Processor 1Ghz, 2.5″ ATA IDE Hard Drive up to 120Gb, RAM 512Mb – 1Gb, 7″ Wide Touch Screen. Communications are presented by WiFi and USB Bluetooth Module. The UMPC contains a bunch of input/output porst such as 36pins Cradle Connector, 2 USB 2.0 Pots, DC-IN Jack, Stereo Headphone / MIC Combo Jack and of course 10/100 Ethernet. It has dimension 228 x 146 x 25.1 mm and weight 850g. DreamBook is also Windows-based PC. It uses Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.
The additional options seem interesting: Telstra 3G / CDMA MiniMax USB Wireless Broadband, Destinator GPS Navigation Map with Bluetooth Receiver and DreamVision USB Digital TV tuner.
Pioneer DreamBook UMPC 700 is available with price US$1499 (512Mb RAM and 40Gb HDD). Also, a big number of accessories are available for the UMPC. For example, DreamVision VoIP USB Phone.
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[source Pioneer Computers Australia]

Nokia 770 Big Brother

Pepper Computer’s announced Pepper Pad 3 – Linux-basd UMPC. It features AMD processor (Samsung Q1 also was switched to AMD), 7.0” 800×480 WVGA TFT LCD, 256 MB DDR SDRAM, 20 or 30 GB 1.8” disk drive (ATA), a bunch of communication options ( Wi-Fi 802.11b/g / WEP / WPA, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and Dual IR emitters and IR receiver) and inputs/outputs (USB 2.0 host and device, stereo headphone OUT, component VIDEO OUT, microphone IN).
The price of Pepper Pad 3 is also nice – US$700 (Nokia770 is US$350). It’s supposed to launch in August.
I work with Plutohome. So, I see on this kind of devices as on potential candidates to be Pluto control console – Orbiter. Currently, it supports only WebDT 366, which is expensive and old enough. The coming UMPCs seem very appropriate but unfortunatelly I couldn’t have possibility to test them yet. I played only with Nokia 770 but it’s another story 🙂

Samsung Q1 got AMD processor

Company Samsung decided to use AMD processor instead of Intel’s Celeron M 353. It’ll allow to reduce Q1 price from US$1300 to US$700. That’s good news isn’t it?

Samsung Q1

[via Reg Hardware]

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