Tweet-a-Pot: fun but unpractical


You’re big fan of Twitter, DIY and like coffee then project Tweet-a-Pot may be interesting for you. The idea is following. A coffee machine is connected to the PC via small but power Arduino Board. Arduino IDE and Python should be installed on that PC. A simple Python script checks a status of your Twitter account and sends ON/OFF command to the coffee machine via Arduino Board according to the status.

Well, the Tweet-a-Pot looks very interesting for study home automation or play with Arduino Board. Practically it’d be much better to use X10 PC interface like CM15Pro and appliance module together with X10 Commander. Additionally you will able to connect more devices and lighting control. You’ll need just additional X10 modules for that.

Read Smart Home Blog on Twitter


My dear readers. Now you have an option to receive blog updated not only via RSS but from Twitter too. Just go to Smart Home Blog Twitter page and press Follow button. As result you’ll read announces of new posts on that page, your IM or SMS. Hope it’ll be helpful for you.

Internet connected energy meter


I already wrote about energy meter Kill-a-watt which might help you reduce your electricity bill and improve our environment. Creative engineers from MAKE hacked it to add WiFi connectivity and possibility to post measurements directly to specified Twitter account. As result the information from the Kill-a-watt can be received quickly and can be shared with followers. The new device is called Tweet-a-watt

The Tweet-a-watt was designed for the Core77 Green Gadgets competition and its source, schematics and the idea was released as an open-source hardware project. I suspect that we will have such devices in the production soon.

[via SlashGear]

See health status of your media center via Twitter

MCE and twitter

Here is another useful application of Twitter – Media Center Health Monitor notification. Now you can see the status of your Media center in your Twitter account. Don’t forget to create a separate, private account to avoid showing some private information for all your followers.

[via eHomeUprgade]

DIY: Let your plants talk via Twitter

Botanicalls Twitter

If you continuously forget to watering your plants Botanicalls Twitter is what you actually need. Using a simple electric parts and a bit knack you’ll get an intelligent system which will measure moisture level and notify you via Twitter (in case of connecting the system to the Internet) about necessity of watering. That’s really cool, it’s it? But maybe that irrigation system would be more useful because you need just put the water into tank time by time. The rest will be done automatically.

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