Mini Wireless Keyboard EFO iPazzport for voice talks


I already wrote about EFO iPazzport – mini keyboard in the Blackberry form-factor with QWERTY and touchpad to control HTPC. Recently EFO launched a next generation of its product equipped with microphone and speaker to make voice calls via Skype, Google talk or MSN Chat. So, if you’d like not just control your HTPC but also make VoIP calls from your sofa then new fifty bucks EFO iPazzport is your choice!

SMK-Link launched Wireless Ultra-Mini Touchpad Keyboard

SMK-Link Wireless Ultra-Mini Touchpad Keyboard

This cool game-controller styled wireless mini keyboard can help all HTPC owners to control their devices easy and handy. It includes capacitive touchpad, QWERTY keyboard, 20 function keys, 7 hot keys and even a Windows MCE launch button (PC version). Not bad for $69.99 and support of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux!

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New EFO Google TV Mini Wireless Handheld Keyboard

EFO RF Google TV Mini Wireless Handheld Keyboard

EFO launched its new product – Google TV Mini Wireless Handheld Keyboard. It looks like Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard in general but has a few significant changes. First of all, the EFO Google TV Mini keyboard is design to work with Google TV. So, it sports a full set of keys (standard keyboard layout) and multi-touch pad worked in Linux, Windows, Mac OS X. Also the shape of the keyboard is better.

The new EFO keyboard can use either RF or Bluetooth to communicate with box. Its price is $65.00, but now with discount you may buy it for $45.50 only! So, don’t miss your chance to get cool controller for your HTPC.

Demo video after jump.
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iPazzPort: another compact keyboard/touchpad for HTPC

EFO RF Mini Wireless Keyboard

EFO announced another compact touchpad with QWERTY keyboard for HTPC. iPazzPort‘s size is just 60 X 100 X 10 mm and weight is only 43 grams. Additionally to touchpad and keyboard device has laser pointer which can be useful for presentations.

The iPazzPort has a short recharge time – about two hours, and long time of working – up to two weeks between charges. It uses traditionally RF 2.4GHz. So, you can manage your HTPC from up to 10 metres range. Also the iPazzPort has backlighting to operate in low light environment.

The new EFO iPazzPort is available for pre-order with price $40. But it’ll be changed to $50 this September when EFO will start ship the device.

EFO iPazzport: keyboard, touchpad, mouse and laser pointer in one

EFO iPazzPort Mini Keyboard

Almost one year took company EFO to produce a next generation its wireless compact touchpad with QWERTY keyboard for HTPC. The new EFO iPazzport sounds like Apple product but looks like BlackBerry smartphone. Additionally to touchpad, mouse and keyboard it includes laser pointer which can be useful for presentations or to point to some detail in the movie.

The EFO iPazzport uses RF to communicate with HTPC. The new dongle is smaller that previous one and offers a 10 meters working range. Additionally the device has battery with short recharge time and backlighting to operate in low light environment (home theater, for example). The EFO iPazzport is supported by Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and doesn’t require installation special software. Also it’s compatible with PS3, Wii and XBox.

The new EFO iPazzport is available on the producer site at $45. See its demo video after break.
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