Glasses-free Toshiba’s 3DTVs selling in Japan

3DTV  Toshiba glasses-free TV

Toshiba started selling its Glasses-free 3DTVs in Japan. They sold just around 500 20-inch units which less then they expected. Maybe the reason is a high price – almost 3000 USD for 20″ model or the Toshiba’s glasses-free technology is still green. In any case, will see how Toshiba improve it and how its competitors will react.

Toshiba demonstrates glasses-free 3DTV

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I like 3D technology. It brings new senses to watching movies or football games (I mean European football, of course). But the biggest disadvantage of 3D are glasses. First of all, they are very expensive (active ones). And they are not comfortable. At least for me. My eyes always are tired after one-two hours of watching 3D. That’s why I like Toshiba’s glasses-free 3DTV concept it demonstrated recently. It has 4K horizontal resolution unlike 2K for current FullHD TVs. For demo Toshiba chose animation Final Fantasy. Sure the quality of 3D in the Toshiba’s glasses-free 3DTV isn’t so good as with active 3D glasses. But I hope the company goes right direction and it’ll be able to improve its awesome TVs.

Toshiba announced HDTVs with built-in battery

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A new line of HDTVs from Toshiba – Power TV will be equiped with external battery. So, its owners will be able to watch favourite TV shows about two hours after power cut. Not bad, especially during Champions League play-off. Additionally, Power TVs will have two cool features – “Auto Signal Booster” to improve video from weak signal and “Auto View” to optimize picture settings according to the ambient lighting condition. Also HDTVs of new Toshiba’s line will have low power consumption. So, consumers will be able to decrease their electricity bills and save environment.

Toshiba and Vizio are going to join Google TV

Google TV

Good news for all Google TV fans. Toshiba and Vizio will present Google TV based AV devices at CES 2011 in January. So, there will be a choice not limited just by Sony’s HDTVs and Blu-ray players.

Google TV is good. But it’s be better for Google, producers and consumers to have some alternative. Because currently there is no other option for web-enabled AV devices except some proprietary solutions developed by manufactures. Will see. Hope next year will bring a lot new technologies in AV area.

Toshiba’s JournE Touch Tablet looks cool

Toshiba's JournE touch multimedia tablet

Toshiba presented its new device – JournE Touch Tablet. That 7-inch screen touch webpad uses ARM processor and runs Windows CE 6.0 Pro. It has Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g adapter, 1GB Nand Flash internal memory, built-in two 0.5W speakers and SD*, MMC, MS and MS Pro, xD memory card slot. The docking station offers HDMI TV out and charging. Device should be released in Q4 2009 for estimated price €249.00.

Well, the JournE Touch Tablet looks very nice. Personally, I’m not going to use it to serf Internet of watch video. In my mind the latest Nokia’s Internet tablet N900 is much much better for that purpose as well as N810. But the JournE Touch Tablet seems the best option for control panel of home automation systems such LinuxMCE. Currently the LinuxMCE users can use used WebDT 366 with custom image and Linux-based Orbiter as a main control panel. But JournE Touch Tablet is a cheaper option and it’s new! Sure the LinuxMCE Orbiter for Win CE should be updated to be run Windows CE 6.0 or maybe the device cab be re-flashed with Linux image. Will see how it’ll be when the JournE Touch Tablet will be released.

Demo video of the JournE Touch Tablet and quick spec can be found after jump.
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