Control your thermostat via phone

Thermostat Telephone Controller

If you already use a Venstar or Totaline programmable thermostat you can extend its functionality by adding Thermostat Telephone Controller. It allows following:

  • Control your thermostat remotely using your phone or cell phone
  • Adjust temperature of up to 4 thermostats using touchtone buttons or voice recognition
  • Monitor the temperature inside your home over the phone
  • Connect to a powerline interface to adjust a home automation component remotely

Additionally the thermostat can be connected to the X10 automation controller (thanks to end-of-line resistor). In that case you’ll able to control lighting and home appliance via phone as well.

The Thermostat Telephone Controller is available immediately at the price $159.99.

Control your thermostat via phone

Talking Thermostat

TalkingThermostats released recently a new family of talking thermostat – the Commstat CEO-24 and CEM-24. The thermostats “talks” to the homeowner, prompting for the system password, reporting the temperature, and asking if any changes should be made. Thanks to built-in telephone module, they allow to adjust a temperature in your home remotely via phone line. Additionally the CEO-24 and CEM-24 can call to one of three pre-defined phone numbers to report if the heating or cooling system fails.

The difference between CEO-24 and CEM-24 is that. CEO-24 doesn’t support heat pump applications and CEM-24 doesn’t have dual out capabilities.

The Commstat CEO-24 and CEM-24 are priced at $325.00 and $265.00 respectively. Also, you can find a few other models on the TalkinThermostats site.

[via CEPro]

DYI: controllable 1-wire thermostat

1-wire thermostat

A cool example of creation of controllable 1-wire thermostat. The author claims that there is a production thermostat with similar functionality tagged at $54.82. So, it depends to you buy it or make it by yourself.

HAI Omnistat-Z thermostat supports Z-Wave

Z-Wave thermostat

Home Automation, Inc (HAI) has added a new thermostat – Omnistat-Z. Its salt is a built-in Z-Wave transceivers. “When used with an HAI home automation controller the Omnistat-Z communicates wirelessly for the coordination of temperatures with other household functions, such as security settings, time of day, or room occupancy.”

Five models compatible with different types of HVAC systems are available. Each provide remote access, either through the web or via a phone call. All models are fully interactive with all HAI home control systems as well as most others (and this is a good news!).

[via Electric House]

Control a climate in your home with IP Thermostat

IP Thermostat & 6 Port Power Adapter

IP Thermostat offers the simplest way to control a temperature in you home. Just install it on your local LAN and control it with your web browser on your local PC. The IP Thermostat is compatible with most HVAC systems, so whether you have a gas or oil furnace or boiler, hydronic heating or central air conditioning, you’ll be able to integrate this single-stage heat and cool thermostat into your existing heating system.

The IP Thermostat allows to program each day in the year. So, you have amazing flexibility for $374.99. Additionally, the thermostat can send notifications in the event of required maintenance or hight/low temperature.

The IP Thermostat includes a passive 110 punch-down block which provides power to the IP Thermostats over the Cat5 wiring and easy patch-cable connectivity to your LAN switch or router. The Ethernet Power Adapter provides power and network connection for up to six IP Thermostats.

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