LinuxMCE for Star Trek fans

All of you who like Star Trek and want to have LCARS – Library Computer Access/Retrieval System may be interesting to see demo video of new LinuxMCE theme below. It looks very nice in spite of it isn’t finished yet. Theme includes not just new wallpaper and color scheme. But new buttons, images and icons. So, after releasing it’ll be good option to add to your LinuxMCE box more style and fan. Let’s see the demo!

You can see the progress of development of LinuxMCE Star Trek theme here.

Dark Knight MythTV Theme

Dark Knight MythTV Theme

The new story about fearless high-tech fighter with crime Batman was very success with both earned money and viewers’ rating (to be honest I wasn’t impressed by that movie). If you like it you can setup a new Dark Knight based theme for your MythTV box. Unfortunately, it has 4:3 aspect ratio. So, it won’t be situated for the wide screen TVs. You can download the theme from the Rapidshare.

[via MythTV News]

Another HD theme for MythTV


Metallurgy is a wide screen theme for MythTV. It fully supports ratio 16:9, even for OSD (On-Screen Display). Additionally, the theme is available in four colors: Blue, Red, Green and Purple and uses transparency to show OSD.

Metallurgy is supposed to be used in Mythtv 0.21 (dev). So, you have to build it from the source to be able to test that theme.

P. S. Developers of Metallurgy are not going to release the version for ratio 4:3. That fact pushes me to think about buying at least HD-Ready Plasma of LCD TV.

MePo-wide theme for MythTV

MePo-wide theme for MythTV

A new version of MePo-wide theme for MythTV was released recently. That theme is optimized for resolution at 1280×720 at 100dpi. So, it might be interesting for all lucky owners of wide-screen TVs. MePo is based on OpenGL and offers alpha – transparent user interface.

The latest version of the MePo-wide theme for MythTV can be downloaded here.

New home for MythTV themes

MythTV themes is a place where you can grub high quality themes for MythTV developed by Justin Hornsby. There are popular themes such ProjectGrayhem, Blootube, neon-wide and new ones. But note you cannot use those themes with MythTV built from SVN. They are suit for released versions only.