WEBT@LKER 5000 call via Skype without PC

WEBT@LKER 5000 with Skype

Topcom presented its PC-less wired Skype telephone at Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2007 – WEBT@LKER 5000. It allows to you communicate with your Skype friends for free or use Skype-out to call many places all over the world at very low rates without having to switch on your computer. You need just connect the WEBT@LKER 5000 to the broadband Internet connection via some router and it will be ready to make internet phone calls.
To make your work with Skype easier the phone has a large 2.4” color display and useful hardkeys, echo cancellation technology and high quality speaker for handsfree operation.
Additionally, using Topcom Wireless Expansion Kit the WEBT@LKER 5000 can be connected to the wireless network as well.
No any words about price and availability yet.

[via AVING Network]

Asterisk-based VoIP PBX


Fonality has announced TrixBox – a telephony application platform based on Asteriskâ„¢ Open Source PBX Software. The target of TrixBox is to make fast and simple an installation and configuration of your business-class telephony system. This PBX box offers unlimited extensions, voicemail-to-email, music on hold, call parking, analog lines or high density T1/E1 circuits and many other features.

Additionally, TrixBox includes Customer Relationship Management system – SugarCRM, which may help you organize your calls and contacts to use them more efficient.

TrixBox is selling for $999.99. So, it’s a bit expensive and superfluous for home users but for small business it’s appropriate solution.

P. S. Have a look also the book “TrixBox Made Easy” and project wiki to get all information about the TrixBox.

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Auto-Dialer Calls When Triggered By Security System


When your security system triggers some events you should be notified about it. One way to do it is 4 Number Automatic Voice Dialer. It allows to record two different messages and store up to four phone numbers. It’s possible to call to land line phone, cellular phones and pagers.
The 4-Number Automatic Voice Dialer will redial an unanswered phone number up to 10 times. Each message of up to 16 seconds will be repeated twice in order to ensure that the full message is received, in case the number goes to a voice mailbox or answering machine. Additional features include EEPROM memory that keeps programmed data if power is lost.
The Auto-Dialer is available on smarthome site at price $124.99 but now you can buy it at special price – $116.99.

IPEvo goes Solo

IPEvo Solo

IPevo, well known company for its range of VoIP-enabled devices, is going to release a new Off-PC Skype Desktop phone – Solo 1. It features 2.4″ color touchscreen (?) and embedded version of Skype. Solo doesn’t need PC to make calls. Just up your broadband connection and phone will connect to your Skype account.
The release of Solo is planning this March or April. The price is tagged at $169.99.

[via Ubergizmo]

The iPhone Dual-Mode Internet Telephony Kit

The iPhone Dual-Mode Internet Telephony Kit

The iPhone Dual-Mode Internet Telephony Kit for Skype is not a product of Apple as you can think. It’s a new handset for VoIP from Cisco. It can be plugged directly into the ethernet jack. Just for $180 you may own a stylish phone which makes calls via Skype and traditional landline without PC.

Philips already announced its version Skype-phone which doesn’t need PC. I cannot compare functionality of iPhone and VoIP841 but Cisco phone definitely looks more attractive.
[via GigaOM]

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