WACI-PAD is keypad with morphed buttons

Waci Pad Dynamic Screen IP Wall Switches

WACI-PAD is a keypad with very interesting functions. Each button of it is a small OLED display which can show different icons and initiates different action according to pressed button. The keypad is fit in a single gang electrical box and provides a comfortable user interface. It’s based on 250 MIPs processor, has IR transmitter, RS-232 and Ethernet port to communicates with controlled devices and built-in web server to configure the keypad. Also the WACI-PAD has ability to upgrade its functionality using new new firmware.

As you may see the WACI-PAD can be use as an interface and control system with simple and limited functions of course. But it seems that integration with whole house control system will be difficult a bit.

There is no any word about price and availability of WACI-PAD.

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Send IR commands over TCP/IP network

IR Over IP

Keene Electronics released its new product – IR Anywhere. It allows to send IR signals over TCP/IP network. Even through Internet! IR Anywhere contains two physically identical modules. Each of them can act as either a receiver, as a target or as a stand alone.
A receiver will receive an IR command, convert it to packet data and send that data to a pre-determined IP address (usually another module). A target module will decode the received data and retransmit the IR as originally received. A stand alone module will operate as a target receiver without attempting to locate a compatible PC or other module on the local network.

The IR Anywhere can be very useful for multi-room A/V distribution systems. It seems ideal to transmit IR commands from one room to another. But if you’d like to control A/V equipment from some IP-based home automation system the better solution is GC100.

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New Integra DTR-7.8 THX Ultra2 A/V Receiver

Integra  DTR-7.8 THX Ultra2 A/V Receiver

Recently Integra has introduced the its new DTR-7.8 THX Ultra2 Certified A/V receiver. The 7.1-channel home theater receiver features HDMI v.1.3a compatible switching, onboard decoding for the latest lossless and HD audio formats, and an extensive suite of multizone/multisource and system integration control features. For integration with home control systems the DTR-7.8 includes an Ethernet port, bi-directional RS-232, RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI) system control integration over HDMI, three programmable 12-volt triggers, dual IR inputs, and three unique assignable IR code sets. Thanks to Ethernet port the receiver can be easily controlled from Network-based control systems such as E-Control and AMX Device Discovery. And this is a really good feature!

The DTR-7.8 features three HDMI inputs and one output. So, it seems suit for a complete high-end home theater installation. It is fully compatible with HDMI v. 1.3a, including 1080p and Deep Color™ 36-bit video signals. It also features onboard decoding for the Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio lossless audio formats specified for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray disc formats. It includes superior quality Burr Brown audio DAC’s for all channels, and a trio of 32-bit DSPs for all processing.

The Integra DTR-7.8 is now available from Integra dealers with a suggested retail price of $1300.00.

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