Streaming video from MythTV to iPhone and IPod Touch


Recently I wrote about MaemoMyth which allows to watch TV streamed from the MythTV box to Nokia 770 and N800. Now it’s time for iPhone and ipod Touch to be clients for the open source PVR. Both gadgets handle a specific version of the MPEG-4 standard, as well as H264 video streams. So, that brief howto explains the way to make an iPod stream from your MythTV server. Additionally you can find there many working (I hope) scripts and code snippets.

Regarding to MaemoMyth. It does not just offer a way to display video stream on the Internet Tablet. It allows to use Nokia 770 or N800 as a full-featured MythTV client. But in case of iPhone or iPod Touch you get just possibility to watch video. Nothing more.

Sonos new bundle integrated with Pandora

Sonos + Pandora

Sonos announced its new bundle to build multi-room music system. Now you can get two ZonePLayers ZP80 and ZP100 and controller for $1000. Moreover, good news for all Pandora fans. The new bundle is integrated with Pandora. Just for $4 per month you’ll able to stream “nerds’ favorite recommendation-based customized internet radio” to your rooms.

I’d like to note that Squeezebox includes that possibility maybe for years.

Squeezebox and MP3tunes Music Locker now are friends


After buying Slime Devices Logitech added support to the online MP3tunes Music Locker service for its Squeezebox. MP3tunes Music Locker is a service which allow to you store your music content online. So you’ll able to listen it anywhere where Internet connection exits.
Now with Sqeezebox you can play music from your PC and from MP3tunes Music Locker as well.

A premium MP3tunes Music Locker costs $39.95 a year which includes unlimited storage space, bandwidth and device access (you also get a two month free trial period with that).

Running VDR on Mac OS X

vdr and mac os

VDR is one of the most popular and power Linux-based front-end for the HTPC. It has a cleaver architecture and a lot of plugins. Using streamdev-server it’s possible to stream live TV over LAN. As client you can any PC with installed VideoLAN or mplayer. But in that case some functionality will be lost. Here is a way how to use Mac with Mac OS as streamdev client. I suspect that it’s the first step to port VDR under Mac OS. As there are no DVB device drivers for OS X with Linux headers you cannot use DVB devices on Mac. But you can enjoy full-featured VDR client on your Mac (thanks to Tero Siironen).

Sqeezebox + Infrants ReadyNAS

Infrants ReadyNAS

SqueezeBox is a compact music streamer which allows to play a music from PC or listen internet radio. It connects to LAN via WiFi or Ethernet cable. Actually, SqueezeBox needs PC to get music content only. SlimDevices together with Infrant Technologies solved this by releasing ReadyNAS NV – the first commercially available NAS device to come pre-loaded with SlimServer Software. This allows to SqueezeBox connect to the NAS directly and get music files omitting PC.
There is a special offer – 1Tb ReadyNAS NV and 2 Squeezeboxes – for $1499.00

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