Run Slimserver on Asus WL500G Premium

ASUS WL-500g Premium V1

Asus WL500G Premium is a very interesting device. Basically it’s WiFi router with four ports for wired connection. Additionally it equiped with two USB ports. Using one of those ports and external hard drive we can easily get NAS.

Moreover, the sources of WL500G’s firmware are available on the ASUS web site. As result there is a custom versions of firmware with extended functionality (possibility to run Torrent client, for example).

If you have Squeezeboxes you can turn WL500G into music streamer for your devices using those recommendations to install and run SlimServer there.

I thought to buy Asus WL500G because it provides amazing functionality. But it has a big disadvantage – lack gigabit ports and 802.11n. I can live without hight speed WiFi connection but wired gigabit network is required for streaming media content (especially HD) over the house. So, I decided to wait for availability of Belkin N+ Wireless Router.