Logitech has announced Squeezebox Boom officially

The Logitech Squeezebox Boom

Logitech has announced Squeezebox Boom – “all-in-one” version of its popular network audio player Squeezebox. It’s equiped with an integrated amplifier and high-performance speakers. Basically, the Squeezebox Boom provides the same features as Squeezebox. But it doesn’t need additional speakers. The Squeezebox Boom supports many on-line music services such Pandora®, Rhapsodyâ„¢, Sirius®, Last.fmâ„¢, Slackerâ„¢, MP3tunes, RadioTime, Radio IO and Live365. I liked Squeezebox. And I like its ‘all-in-one’ version too. Using a few boxes and LinuxMCE it’s easy to build multi-room audio system.

The new Squeezebox Boom will be available in September at $299.99.

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Squeezebox and MP3tunes Music Locker now are friends


After buying Slime Devices Logitech added support to the online MP3tunes Music Locker service for its Squeezebox. MP3tunes Music Locker is a service which allow to you store your music content online. So you’ll able to listen it anywhere where Internet connection exits.
Now with Sqeezebox you can play music from your PC and from MP3tunes Music Locker as well.

A premium MP3tunes Music Locker costs $39.95 a year which includes unlimited storage space, bandwidth and device access (you also get a two month free trial period with that).

Cortex Home Automation supports Squeezebox now


Idratek released V21 of their Cortex – Windows-based home automation system. As result it support now Slim Devices’ Squeezebox – compact and stylish music streamer:

“Hot on the heels of V20, Cortex V21 introduces several new major features as well as many other additions and improvements. This new release has direct support for the “Squeezebox” by Slim Devices, which includes control of Squeezebox functions as well as acting upon received status information from it. Arbitrary IDRANet system data can be displayed in text form on the Squeezebox VFD – a great addition to the existing spoken output via audio units…”

Find more information about new release here.

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Sqeezebox + Infrants ReadyNAS

Infrants ReadyNAS

SqueezeBox is a compact music streamer which allows to play a music from PC or listen internet radio. It connects to LAN via WiFi or Ethernet cable. Actually, SqueezeBox needs PC to get music content only. SlimDevices together with Infrant Technologies solved this by releasing ReadyNAS NV – the first commercially available NAS device to come pre-loaded with SlimServer Software. This allows to SqueezeBox connect to the NAS directly and get music files omitting PC.
There is a special offer – 1Tb ReadyNAS NV and 2 Squeezeboxes – for $1499.00

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