The first real photos of Squeezebox Touch

Squeezebox Touch

The first real photos of the new generation of Logitech’s Squeesebox Touch appeared on Picasa. The device looks pretty cool. I’d like remind you that Squeesebox Touch has a 4.3-inch 24-bit color LCD with capacitive touch, 802.11b/g WiFI, Ethernet, supports USB drive and SD card and offers a full bunch of analog and digital audio interfaces. Logitech is planning to sell it at about €330.

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Integration Innovus Z-Wave House Controller with Squeezebox Duet

Innovus Home Automation with Logitech Squeezebox

Company Innovus has announced its new software module which allows to integrate its Z-Wave House Controller with Squeezebox Duet. The special Innovus MyHome Plug-in offers an elegant way to control all Z-Wave devices connected to the controller from the smart Duet’s remote control equiped by 2.4″ color LCD display. That’s good example of simple and efficient way to implement common user interface for home automation and control music playback and using of resources of advanced remote controls.

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Squeezebox Boom has been reviewed


The latest Logitech product Squeezebox Boom has been reviewed recently. Briefly it’s good and it pays for itself. It didn’t spark a revolution in the internet-capable device area but definitely Squeezebox Boom set a new benchmark in the market.

I liked Sqeezebox (but not its remote control) when I got it for testing a couple years ago. And like very much Squeezebox Boom and maybe will buy it some day.

xAP Plug-in v2.2.0 for SqueezeCenter


Edward Pearson has announced xAP plug-in for SqueezeCenter v7.x. It provides two-way xAP communication for SqueezeCenter with the following main functions:

  • Player power and volume control with xAP BSC.
  • Player transport control.
  • Player mixer control.
  • Player message display.
  • Playlist management.
  • Server control.
  • Access to low-level remote button and IR codes.

The plug-in can be downloaded from here and its documentation here.

xAP is an open protocol that supports the integration automation sub-systems within the home – it is a ‘glue’ that sticks home automation devices together. So, now that ‘glue’ will help to add Sqeezebox to the xAP based system.

[via AutomatedHome]

Using Windows MCE as Softsqeeze

MCE and SlimServer

Sqeezebox together with SlimServer is the easiest way to create a multiroom music system. Now with plug-in mceSoftsqueeze it’s possible to use Windows MCE as a Softsqueeze – software emulator of real Sqeezebox. It logs into SlimServer (preferably installed on a separate networked PC) and can be managed directly from your Media Center’s 10-foot interface and remote in your entertainment area.

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