Control software for Rain8 sprinkler family


I already wrote about Rain8 which is a nice and power sprinkler controller. But it has a big disadvantage (at least in my case). There is not any Linux-based software to configure it. I found only mcsSprinklers but unfortunately it’s suit for Windows users only. It offers a good set of features which cover all cases of your setup. Moreover, it allows an integration with home automation systems Homeseer and xAP. So, if you’re using them or other Windows-based system mcsSprinklers is very good choice.

Personally, I’d prefer to have a simple web interface in the controller to access it from any systems. It can make the price of the controller higher. But its integration with other software will be much easier. We were planing to use Rain8Net together with Plutohome but without the interface it too difficult (we didn’t have time to do that). So, we created our own solution based on ICPDAS controller which offers a web interface for configuration and communicates with Plutohome core using General Serial Device (GSD).

Save water with Cyber-Rain Sprinkler System

Cyber-Rain Sprinkler System

The Cyber-Rain XCI is an eight-zone sprinkler controller system based on ZigBee wireless protocol. Together with PC-based software, it allows conveniently set watering schedule and reduce consumption of water. Because Zigbee is a two-way communications protocol, the sprinkler system talks back to the PC, enabling users to track water usage. The controller reports every time each sprinkler comes on. You can use the activity report for fine-tuning the sprinkling schedule or keeping track of water usage for individual zones.

The Cyber-Rain XCI automatically checks the local weather forecast several times a day via the Internet (I suspect it needs a PC for that) and makes appropriate adjustments to the watering schedule. The system also takes humidity into account. It’s good but the most appropriate way is to connect the sprinkler system with weather station and use temperature, humidity, presence of rain from there instead of the forecast.

Cyber-Rain XCI is currently available and priced at $295 for the first sprinkler controller system, and $245 for additional controllers.

[via Electronic House]

INSTEON/X10 8 Zone Sprinkler Controller

8 Zone Sprinkler Controller

INSTEON- and X10-enabled lawn irrigation system allows to control up to 8 sprinkler valves via Insteon or X10 protocol. The sprinker controller is ready to use together with home automation software such Indigo, MControl or HomeSeer (I suspect that it’s also possible to use it in the systems based on Plutohome and Mister House). Additionally, it can work under control of a standalone home automation controller.
INSTEON/X10 8 Zone Sprinkler Controller can be bought on Smarthome site for $124.99.