DNLA-compatible Sony HomeShare Network Speaker

Sony New Cone-shaped HomeShare Network Speaker

Sony introduced its new DNLA-compatible Sony HomeShare Network Speaker SANS300. They offer 360° audio coverage and can be connected to the LAN via Ethernet or WiFi. Once they’re connected you may send to them audio content from any DLNA-compatible source – a mobile device, PC, Blu-ray player, etc. Even Linux users can do that with PulseAudio which has ability to select an AirPlay or DLNA compatible network speaker as an audio output device. The SANS300 offers also sync with other HomeShare Network Speakers to create a multiroom audio environment.

The new Sony HomeShare Network Speaker is already available at $199. Very reasonable price for simple way to listen hight quality sound from smartphone, tablet or laptop without annoying wires and complicated setup.

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Connecting speakers to the PC/Laptop wirelessly

Plugable Wireless Audio Kit

If you can avoid using wires when you connect AV or computer devices each others this is a good. But if you can do that for reasonable money this is a really good. The $36 Plugable Wireless Audio Kit gives us such possibility. It includes two parts – USB transmitter, connected to the PC, and receiver, connected with speakers. The transmitter is supported in Linux, Windows and Mac OS X without installing additional drivers. Using standard 2.4GHz radio frequency gives up to 50 meters range between audio source and speakers within line-of-sight distance or up to 10 meters with obstacles in between.

The receiver can work with one AAA battery or power adapter (selling separately for $14.99). Demo video with setup instruction is available below.
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Advanced 5.1 Microlab PC speakers

Microlab M-860

If you don’t want to have AV receiver with proper acoustics you may be interested in 5.1 Microlab PC speakers M-860. Unlike similar products M-860 offers better sound quality thanks built-in 62 Watt amplifier, attractive design and IR remote control. And in the same time that 5.1 Microlab PC has reasonable price. Sure, Microlab offers a lot others 5.1 or 2.1 models. So, you can find one which fits your living room.