Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Player with 3D support

Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Player

Sony launched a next generation of its streaming players SMP-N200. It has sleek design and includes a full bunch of connectivity options – HDMI, composite, component as well as built-in WiFi adapter. Additionally to 1080p playback the player is ready for 3D content.

The Sony SMP-N200 is oriented for Sony Entertainment Network, where you may find live streaming TV shows, movies, music and photos. Even in 1080p and 3D! Also the box supports DLNA. So, you’ll able to push media from your NAS, network shares, smartphones or tablets to playback directly to the Sony SMP-N200. Additionally it can be controlled via iOS/Android devices using free app Sony Media Remote.

The Sony SMP-N200 will be available in October at $99.99.

DNLA-compatible Sony HomeShare Network Speaker

Sony New Cone-shaped HomeShare Network Speaker

Sony introduced its new DNLA-compatible Sony HomeShare Network Speaker SANS300. They offer 360° audio coverage and can be connected to the LAN via Ethernet or WiFi. Once they’re connected you may send to them audio content from any DLNA-compatible source – a mobile device, PC, Blu-ray player, etc. Even Linux users can do that with PulseAudio which has ability to select an AirPlay or DLNA compatible network speaker as an audio output device. The SANS300 offers also sync with other HomeShare Network Speakers to create a multiroom audio environment.

The new Sony HomeShare Network Speaker is already available at $199. Very reasonable price for simple way to listen hight quality sound from smartphone, tablet or laptop without annoying wires and complicated setup.

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Sony launched HomeShare Wi-Fi Universal Remote Control


After Philips decided to discontinue its line of luxurious Pronto remotes Sony announced the HomeShare Wi-Fi Universal Remote Control. It has built-in IR transmitter and WiFi 802.11b/g adaptor. So, you can control moder AV devices via DLNA and old ones via IR. The HomeShare Wi-Fi Universal Remote Control will be vailable in March for $300. Unfortunately it isn’t universal as I understand. But Sony fans should be happy with it.

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Sony announced its Google TV powered TVs and Blu-ray player

Sony's Google TV-powered Internet TV

This week we got the second and third options to try to Google TV. Sony launched Google TV powered HD TV line and Blu-ray player. The TVs will be available with 24-, 32- , 40- and 46-inch. The price will be $599 for the smallest and $1399 for the biggest diagonals. If you’re happy with your TV but would like to use Google TV you can choose Sony’s Blu-ray player priced at $399.

To control TV and Blu-ray player Sony offers the cool tiny controller with QWERTY keyboard, hot keys and pointer. I suppose the basic idea for it came from PS3 controller. The Google TV one is also supposed to be held by two hands.

Well, since we have two different approaches for Google TV we can briefly compare them. At least, theoretically. Personally I like Logitech Revue much more. Because it offers more ways to control it – keyboard controller, mini controller, smartphones app. Also it’s cheaper and has integration with Dish Network DVR (I don’t have it but still). In any case, we’ll see later who is really better.

Watch Sony’s Google TV demo video after break.
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In-air pointing and motion-control technology comes to Sony and LG TVs

Freespace in-air pointing

Hillcrest Labs together with Sony and LG will show the next generation of TV remote control. The idea is to utilize motion instead of hard buttons and provide more convenient way then mouse and keyboard to access to online content directly from TV.

Sure there are already some remotes which use gyroscope – Gyration or Kymera Magic Wand, for example. But they can be used with HTPC and cannot control TV directly. Also Hillcrest Labs’ Freespace technology is more complicated then just simple motion processor. In any case, we’ll see soon it in the action with release LG’s first 3D, Internet-connected, LED LCD HDTVs which already available in the US.

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