Upcoming Sonos CR200 Controller

The New Sonos CR200 Controller

Automated Home yesterday published a photo and brief description of new Sonos controller CR200. It has portrait orientation and sports color touchscreen display. To simplify charging of the device it comes with dock.

There is no word about price and availability of the CR200. But Sonos already created a new bundle – BU250, which is actually BU150 but with new controller. Zoneplayers hardware will be the same. They just will get a new color to meet with the CR200.

Sonos Controller for iPhone

Sonos iPhone

Sonos, a producer of will-known multi-room wireless music system, just announced its controller for iPhone/iPod Touch. That controller offers a full control over the system. So, you can avoid buying of expensive Sonos Controller CR100 or use iPhone as additional controller.

The Sonos Controller for iPhone can be downloaded from the iTune store without any charges.

[via AutomatedHome]

New Sonos ZP120 Photos

New Sonos

AutomatedHome recently published photos of new amplified Zoneplayer Sonos ZP120. Sonos is gonna release updated version of its music system soon. ZP120 will be more compact then its predecessor ZP100, and will equiped by new 802.11n chipset providing much improved wireless range and speed. Un-amplified Zoneplayer ZP90 will have built-in WiFi adapter. And only CR100 controller won’t be changed at all (at least as it’s known now). So, will see how new Sonos set will be compared with previous one and with its competitors: commercial and open source.

Control Sonos Digital Music System via web

Sonos web UI

The web interface is the best UI IMHO. Many producers of A/V and computer equipment offer it to configure and control their products or provide API at least to give a chance to third-part developer produce it. Sonos Digital Music System also provide a way to use the web controller. It allows to control Sonos boxes in the same Sonos Network from any PC which has web browser. You can easily find song, re-index music library, manage music playing. The controller has a plug-in structure. So, its functionality can be extended without touching a main part. You have a choice between nine themes including version for mobile phones.

The controller for Sonos Digital Music System is available for both Linux and Windows. It open source. So it grows fast and you can help by addigng bug report, sending a patch or developing new plug-in or theme.

Broadcast SIRIUS Radio with Sonos Music System

SIRIUS radio on Sonos

Today was announced the release of Sonos System Software v 2.3 that will bring “The Best Radio on the Internet” from SIRIUS to your digital home via the multi-room Sonos Digital Music System. By simply connecting Sonos to a broadband Internet connection, SIRIUS subscribers can instantly access more than 80 SIRIUS channels, including 100% commercial-free music channels. Plus, Sonos connects users with SIRIUS’ exclusive and compelling talk channels including Howard Stern, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Cosmo Radio, MAXIM Radio, Playboy Radio, SIRIUS Football Radio, four different comedy channels, and more.

With new software Sonos customers will automatically receive a free 30-day trial to SIRIUS Internet Radio. To extend that period they will need to pay $12.95 per month. Unfortunately, SIRIUS via Sonos is only available in the United States. The rest world may enjoy by free internet radio stations.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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