Slacker Radio come to Sonos wireless music systems

Sonos users now have another option for online radio called Slacker:

  • 10 times larger music catalog than Pandora
  • Only service to offer listening options ranging from Personal Radio to on-demand, allowing listeners to lean back and enjoy radio or lean forward to create playlists, hear entire albums and more
  • Offers a range of non-music content including personalized ESPN sports news, comedy, ABC News, festival stations with exclusive artist interviews, band/artist curated “Spotlight” stations and more
  • Offers over 150 custom genre stations hand programmed by expert DJs. DJ’s curation also influences listener-created custom stations

See the full press release after break. BTW, Logitech Squeezebox added support of Slacker Radio long time ago.
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Sonos controller for Android

Sonos Controller for Android

Sonos finally released its controller for Android-based devices. It looks nice and offers a full control over Sonos multi-room music system. User can choose different source for each audio zone as well as control playback and volume. The controller is already available on Android Market for free.

In the same time the Sonos added support of Apple AirPlay to its new firmware v3.4. It allows to stream from the Apple AirPlay, plugged into a Sonos device’s aux-in input, around the home.

Russound RNET to Sonos Bridge

Russound RNET to Sonos Bridge

Danny Mavromatis shared results of his project to build a bridge between Russound RNET and Sonos multi-room audio systems. The bridge is based on small ARM board Arduino and currently supports only based operations such play, stop, pause etc. But Danny promised to expand the bridge features and keep us updating with the progress of his project.

See the demo video after break.
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Control Sonos with Pronto TSU9600 WiFi Remote

Pronto TSU9600 WiFi Remote

With new major update of Philips ProntoEdit Professional software Pronto TSU9600 WiFi Remote can control Sonos zoned music system. It works nice – automatic search of players, playback control etc. Only search of desired track takes too much time.

The module to control Sonos is based on UPnP/DLNA engine incorporated into the Pronto platform. Using it you can implement similar module to control any UPnP/DLNA system.

Check the demo after jump.
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Sonos announced All-In-One ZonePlayer S5

Sonos All-in-one ZonePlayer

Looks like Sonos was infused by Logitech Squeezebox Boom. Its new zone player S5 is also equiped with speakers – 2 tweeters, 2 mids and 1 3.5″ subwoofer. Additionally each speaker has its own Class-D digital amplifiers. So, the ZonePlayer S5 should sound really impressive.

The new Sonos ZonePlayer supports all well-known audio formats and most popular online audio services like Deezer,, Napster, Pandora, Rhapsody, SIRIUS Internet Radio and more. It can be connected to the local network using CAT5 cable or WiFi and controlled by Sonos wireless controller or iPhone with installed Sonos Controller App.

The price of the new all-in-one ZonePlayer S5 is $399. Taking into account that price of ordinary ZonePlayer 90 is $349.00 and that it still needs loudspeakers it isn’t bad deal.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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