Remote control with solar batteries

Philips solar powered remote

Recently Philips introduced its new 42″ Eco LED TV. It consumes just 40W of power in eco-mode and 0W when it’s switched off, thanks to Zero Power Switch. Together with that TV Philips offers an unique solar powered remote control. Sure batteries for remote control shouldn’t be replaced often. Maybe one time per 6-8 monthes or less. But as conception to be green the Philips remote control is good.

Solar powered PC: it’s so easy

British company Aleutia offers not just compact, fanless and power efficient PC. It also has solution to use solar energy to power the PC. The demo video above shows briefly how to use that solution practically. It looks simple and efficient in the same time. I’m sure there is a lot of situations where solar powered PC can be used.

Solar Color PIR Camera

Solar Color PIR Camera offers a solar powered color wireless outdoor camera. The camera has built-in motion detector. So it transmits images and voices only if it’s needed. The good feature of this camera is a solar battery:

The 2.4GHz Solar Color PIR Camera’s solar panel uses the sun’s rays to run and maintain a charge to the camera battery during daylight hours. A negligible amount of energy is released by the long-life rechargeable battery to operate the camera at night. While the camera will work after sunset, it requires a minimum light of 3 Lux to capture images.

Cyprus is the good place to use this camera. Here is a lot of sunny days!

The price of Solar Color PIR Camera is just $159.99.