Integrated Solar Panel Roofing


Great product is offered by SRS Energy – sole power tile. It allows to build a big solar panel from whole roof. If it isn’t fake that product will be very very popular on Cyprus where so many sunny days.

[via Mavromatic]

Solar Powered Occupancy Sensor

EnOcean Solar Powered Occupancy Sensor

Recently EnOcean announced its new product self-powered occupancy sensor Sensolux. It combines a 360 degrees PIR detector and light level sensor for automated lighting control. The Sensolux uses solar energy to get the power. It needs just a 3 hours of ambient light a day to be fully charged and can work in the dark for 48 hours.

The solar powered occupancy sensor can be used standalone together with a lighting control actuator or can be integrated into a LON or KNX/EIB network. The Sensolux includes a functionality to report its own energy level.

Personally I like the “green technology” solutions. They save our money and our environment. But, in my mind, £147.10 is too much for 360 degrees motion detector. Even it’s solar powered and “green”.

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