Wireless photo frame with social features

eStarling Wi-Fi digital photo frames

eStarling offers photo frames with social services integration. To access Gmail, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and Twitter (that list will be expanded soon) the frame sports Wifi 802.11b/g/n adapter and Ethernet jack. With 10.2″ 800X480 16:9 touchscreen display you’ll enjoy hight quality photos viewing and easy access to the control and setting. If you’ll be tired from online the frame still can display photos from the internal memory (2GB) or SD card.

Another good feature of the eStarling photo frame is that. If your photos has aspect ration 4:3 they can show together with a side pane which displays local weather reports, time and date, and the next photo preview.

The eSharling digital photo frame is available at MSRP price $249.99. It’ll be a good present for all online services and photo fans.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

Boxee offers real time conversation App

Real-time conversation for Boxee

Social media center Boxee recently announced a new App – Cliqset. Cliqset offers Boxee users a real time conversation about the video they’re watching. When the Cliqset app starts while the video is playing, it will automatically link you to comments from other people who are watching the video, or who have watched it in the past. It’s good for football fans like me to share opinion with friends about the game 🙂

Make your own YouTube with VDR


If you’re owner of HTPC with Video Disk Recorder (VDR) and have enough interesting recorded media content you might use vdrtube to share it similar way as it’s done with YouTube. That VDR plug-in adopt video to display in Flash-player and build HTML structure to access it via web browser.

Plug-in allows to create themes. So, you can customize YourTube according to your desire. Also, there is a possibility to control access to your media content using Apache authorization functionality. Plug-in vdrtube is developed on Perl. It’ll be pretty easy to modify it if you don’t satisfy its work.

Actually, it’s a good possibility to share your video between relatives or friends. But personally I prefer to have plug-in which allows to watch YouTube video on TV using VDR or MythTV. But currently as I know only Windows MCE offers such feature.

Kinchen is going to be social


Social networks are very popular this time. You can find many ones according to your preferences. The funny thing is that social networks leave virtual space and go to real world. The Yummy Kitchen Connect can be a good example of this thesis:

“Yummy is a kitchen community device. It connects the kitchen to the cooking network and food blogosphere. It recommends you a good lunch, according to your food supply, current diet and receipes from the web. Yummy is specially designed for the kitchen. No waste of space : it fits on the wall. It is designed to enhance standing interactions (fast and simple operations) in the kitchen.”

[via Ubergizmo]