Control IR devices via SMS


I came across this article posted by Serasidis Vasilis. It may help you to build your own IR remote controller which receive commands via SMS:

With this circuit we can controll up to 8 devices (4 devices in our example project), by sending a specific SMS message with any mobile phone. Its very usefull at the cases that, at the place we have the devices, we have not a wired telephone line. If you have an old ericsson mobile phone and you are not using it, its the time to build some useful with that. The controlling that we can do to the devices, it is ON , OFF or Reset.

[via Engadget]

GSM security kit

GSMguard300 GSMguard300 is a GSM-based security kit which includes a control unit, two wireless door/window sensors and a siren. There is no limit to the number of extra wireless door/window sensors that can be added to the system.
The system is working using GSM network. Just place a SIM card into control unit and it’s ready to protect your home.

The GSMguard300 has built-in relay and supports x10 devices. So, you can add them to control the light over SMS, for example. In combination with the Marmitek X-10 transmitter SM10 (available separately), you can integrate the system with Marmitek X-10 Home Control.

The price of GSMguard300 is £297.86 ex VAT.