CRISTAL is an uncommon control center for smarthome

CRISTAL (Control of Remotely Interfaced Systems using Touch-based Actions in Living spaces) is an unusual user interface to control AV equipment and home automation system. The idea behind it following. There are camera and projector mounted on the celling. The camera, connected to the main controller, captures room picture and the projector projects an image on the table. User can touch objects, resize or drag them and the system will react according to the specified logic. For example, you may see on the video to watch movie the user just drag DVD cover to the DVD player. The same for photos. To control lighting he just touch the lamp on the projected image on the table.

The idea of CRISTAL looks amazing. But, of course, it has some serious limitations. For example, with quality of projected image in the dark or bright light. Also it isn’t clear how to control devices in the other room or outside the house. Anyway, we’ll see how CRISTAL will progress in the future.

Smart Home Christmas Gift Ideas


AutomatedHome offers a very good opportunity to find a Christmas gift using its 99 Smart Home Christmas gift ideas. it collects most interesting AV devices, gadgets, remote controls, sets of switches/dimmers/sensors etc. It’ll be useful for you even you don’t want to buy desired gift from the AutomatedHome store on the Amazon.

32 iPhone Apps to Control Your Home

32 iPhone Apps to Control Your Home

ElectronicHouse offers an useful roundup of 32 iPhone Apps to Control Your Home. It might be useful for iPhone owners or smarthome system users. Because iPhone looks a perfect solution for portable control panel for your system. Moreover, it allows to control the system even from another country using WiFi or 3G connection. Great device and great roundup!

ehome 2008 fair started in Berlin


Today a big even started in Berlin – ehome 2008 – Trade Show and Congress for Home Networking. Its focus will be on changed living standards and requirements. Two new areas will be central to the event: a practical exhibition area with a prototype apartment and a lecture program parallel as well as the international expert congresses in the subject of “Assisted Living” and “Energy Efficiency” with its own accompanying exhibition.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to that fair. Smarthome is still my hobby and not main job. But Andrew from Convergent Home Technologies promised me to tell about all interesting things there.

Smarthome flash demo is updated

Smarthome demo

Smarthome updated its flash demo. They added a new INSTEON remote control which was announced recently. Similar to its suggestions of hardware and software for home automation the demo is oriented on its products INSTEON enabled remote control, dimmers, relays etc. You may see four rooms: living room, bed room, kitchen and bathroom. The advantage of that demo is that it shows a simple and not expensive automation which can be done DIY.

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