More Than Just a Satellite Dish


One of the easiest way to watch a big number of TV channels is to install satellite dish. Usually consumers just get satellite receiver – plain or with PVR, and that’s it. But some companies offers more. One of them is Except a wide range of TV channels and unique devices like dual-tuners receivers, it offers additional equipment and services such Slingbox and remote access from PC or smartphone allowed to browse EPG, manage timers or playback recorded TV shows.

Check the Dish Network Equipment page for more info.

UPDATE: After official announcing of Google TV we known that Dish Network was named as an one of the Google TV partners!

SlingPlayer is available for iPhone

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone

Sling Media announced its SlingPlayer Mobile player for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’ll allow to watch live stream or recorded TV shows directly on your Apple smartphone. The player will be available on iTunes right after approving. You may also find the SlingPlayer for Symbian, Palm, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile on the Slig Media site.

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Slingbox HD Connect

Slingbox HD Connect I already wrote about new family of media streamers – SlingBox. It includes a three models which may be used for different purposes. There was not possibility to connect Slingbox to the HD source or TV. Now you can do it with a new Slingbox HD Connector. Just to pay $50 extra and you’ll able to stream HD TV over your LAN. The only one a little problem – the Connector doesn’t support HDMI yet.

The connector will be available in November at price $49.99. But you can preorder it now.

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Sling Media’s Next-Gen Slingbox Family

Slingbox Pro

Sling Media lanched three new Slingbox models: Slingbox PRO, Slingbox AV and Slingbox TUNER. Basically, all of them are needed to stream TV content from the different sources – satellite box, set-top-box, DVD etc via LAN to PC or mobile devices. Sling Media significantly increased performance of Slingbox to provide the customer with choice depending on their home TV setup and start at as low as $179.99. The difference beween those models makes conditional upon their use. Slingbox PRO is oriented on home users who are interesting to control many devices and HD. Slingbox AV is a simple variant of Slingbox PRO and it’s suit for standart definition television. Slingbox TUNER can just stream ordinary analog television channels. The prices are tagged at $249.99, $179.99 and $179.99 respectively.

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