TiVo remote with slide QWERTY keyboard

TiVo QWERTY remote control

I really don’t understand why producers of universal remote control don’t make such remote as TiVo offers. Its remote control with slide QWERTY keyboard would be very useful for all HTPC owners. Boxee promised that its remote for Boxee Box will sport QWERTY keyboard on the bottom of the remote. It’s also appropriate solution. But still.

Philips demonstrated slider-remote

Philips' 3rd gen Aurea 'egg' remote

Philips showed its new compact remote control which looks like mobile slider but without screen. The most often usable buttons are placed on the top panel – navigation, playback control etc. The numeric, letter and a few service keys are put on the slide part. So, they are hide if you don’t need them.

Actually there is nothing revolutionary but remote looks nice and handy. The demo video is available after jump.
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