Broadcast SIRIUS Radio with Sonos Music System

SIRIUS radio on Sonos

Today was announced the release of Sonos System Software v 2.3 that will bring “The Best Radio on the Internet” from SIRIUS to your digital home via the multi-room Sonos Digital Music System. By simply connecting Sonos to a broadband Internet connection, SIRIUS subscribers can instantly access more than 80 SIRIUS channels, including 100% commercial-free music channels. Plus, Sonos connects users with SIRIUS’ exclusive and compelling talk channels including Howard Stern, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Cosmo Radio, MAXIM Radio, Playboy Radio, SIRIUS Football Radio, four different comedy channels, and more.

With new software Sonos customers will automatically receive a free 30-day trial to SIRIUS Internet Radio. To extend that period they will need to pay $12.95 per month. Unfortunately, SIRIUS via Sonos is only available in the United States. The rest world may enjoy by free internet radio stations.

[via eHomeUpgrade]