Panasonic’s Concept Home

Inside Panasonics Eco & UD Concept Home

It’s a growing tendency for big producers of A/V equipment and computers to show their vision of home of future. Recently I saw concept of smarthome from HP and Disney. Now it’s time for Panasonic.
There are a log of cool things in the its Eco & UD (Universal Design) Concept home – lighting and curtains control, security and surveillance system, Hi-End sound and video (103-inch, lead-free plasma is very impressive!). But the most important feature of that concept is energy management. The home uses a fuel cell co-generation system as a prime energy source, supported by solar power generation. Energy usage is controlled and monitored via the home energy management system (HEMS). Those approach can reduce household energy consumption by a combined 30-percent. So, the Eco & UD (Universal Design) Concept combines not high-tech stuff only. It saves our environment as well.