Hansgrohe shower with touchpad controller

Touchpad shower controller

With Hansgrohe RainBrain Smart Shower provides the most handy way to have a full control under the shower. It’s equiped with touchpad which allows to set water temperature, the type of stream and even control lighting (I suspect it should be connected to the lighting system) and music (can be transmit via Bluetooth). Moreover, the Hansgrohe shower give a possibility to keep shower preferences for each family member separately.

[via DVICE]

Shower for music lovers

Musical Shower

Yanko Design, will-known design company, announced its new concept – a music shower. The idea is following. Shower head includes waterproof MP3 player together with buttons to control the player and water. The shower’s holder is a speaker and charger in one.

This idea is nice at the first look. The music system seems pretty simple and not expensive. Who knows maybe after two-three years it won’t be possible to find ordinary shower 🙂

[via Yanko Desing]