X10 Freeze Sensor

X10 Freeze Sensor

If you already automate everything in your home then X10 Freeze Sensor might be interesting for you to expand a little bit your system. It’s installed inside your freezer using X10 Powerflash interface and allows to monitor the temperature. So, with X10 Freeze Sensor you’ll able to know about some problems with the freezer before its contents will die.

The X10 Freeze Sensor is available on the Smarthome site at $49.99.

Solar Powered Occupancy Sensor

EnOcean Solar Powered Occupancy Sensor

Recently EnOcean announced its new product self-powered occupancy sensor Sensolux. It combines a 360 degrees PIR detector and light level sensor for automated lighting control. The Sensolux uses solar energy to get the power. It needs just a 3 hours of ambient light a day to be fully charged and can work in the dark for 48 hours.

The solar powered occupancy sensor can be used standalone together with a lighting control actuator or can be integrated into a LON or KNX/EIB network. The Sensolux includes a functionality to report its own energy level.

Personally I like the “green technology” solutions. They save our money and our environment. But, in my mind, £147.10 is too much for 360 degrees motion detector. Even it’s solar powered and “green”.

[via AutomatedHome]

HomeSeer released Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

HomeSeer, well-known company which develop Window-based home automation software, announced its new product – Z-Wave Multi-Sensor. It combines three sensors: motion, illumination and temperature sensors in one. The motion detector has a range of 10 meters and the sensor angle of view is 90° (horizontal). The illumination sensor allows to detect the amount of light in the room. The temperature sensor range is 0° – 40°C. So, it can be used indoor or outdoor but in soft environment (like on Cyprus :)).

The Multi-Sensor uses Z-Wave for communication and can placed up to 100 meters from nearest Z-Wave access point. It’s compatible with HomeSeer software. But since it based on Z-Wave chip it can be integrated with other home automation systems such Plutohome.

[via Ubergizmo]

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Oregon Scientific WMR101

Oregon Scientific offers its Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger – WMR101. It allows to monitors indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, as well as heat index and dew point. The unit also includes radio controlled atomic clock. It allows to add up to 9 indoor or outdoor temperature and humidity sensors.

Additionally, you may add Virtual Weather Station to receive weather information to your PC via USB and share it through your web site.

The Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger WMR101 is tagged at $89.90 including main wireless unit, one thermometer/hydrometer sensor and Virtual Weather Station software.

Cellphone-packing smoke detector dials for danger

Cellphone-packing smoke detector dials for danger

Recently I wrote about GSM doorbell which may call to your mobile phone when somebody stays behind your door and wants to meet you. Here is a smoke detector with GSM module produced by Japanese company Keisoku Giken. When the detector senses smoke, it not only makes a sound but also dials a pre-registered number to alert the owner of the fire.

According to the company, the system could be used in temples and buildings of historic interest, unmanned warehouses, buildings under construction, restaurants and holiday homes. They also predict demand from families of elderly people living on their own. The alarm is now on sale in Japan for 16,800 yen ($140) but to use it you must purchase a separate handset and subscription.

[via Sci Fi Tech]

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