Fibaro launched a Z-Wave universal sensor module

Z-Wave Universal Sensor Module

Polish company Fibaro added very interesting Z-Wave device in its range. New universal sensor FGBS-001 transforms any ordinary sensor (gas, smoke, motion etc) into Z-Wave enabled. So, you’ll able to add any your existing sensors or weather station to your Z-Wave network. The universal sensor module includes temperature sensor DS18B20 which is good addition to it.

The Fibaro universal sensor module is compatible with Fibaro building intelligence system as well as with any Z-Wave controller.

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Batteryless doors and windows sensors


German engineers from the Fraunhofer Institute has unveiled a prototype of wireless door/window sensor. It has two main distinctions from existing sensors. First of all the new one is mounted into to the handles of the door/window and it uses its position to understand opened or closed door/window. It makes installation procedure easier.

Another big distinction is how the sensor is powered. It doesn’t have a battery. Instead of that it takes power from the ambient radio waves. So, it’ll work forever.

To communicate with controller the new sensor uses wireless connection. But there is no information used protocol. Also no any words when the new batteryless sensors will be available for buying.

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EnOcean openned specification for its sensors


The EnOcean Alliance did a big step to success. It openned a specification for its energy harvesting wireless sensors. What do it mean? It means that more producers can make EnOcean compatible products. It also means that devices produced by different manufactures will have a good interoperability between them. And finally openned specification will help integrators and developers to add support of EnOcean devices in their home automation system.

EnOcean already offers unique feature for its devices. They don’t use batteries. Instead of that they transform electromagnetic, solar energy, thermocouples etc into usable electrical energy. That approach gives you possibility to build green system and save your money and environment.

I’d like to note that LinuxMCE supports EnOcean devices. The implementation is not fully featured so far. But I’m sure it’ll be extended in the future.

Z-Wave Smoke Detector and Siren

Z-Wave Smoke Detector and Siren

Good news for all professional installers and smarthome enthusiasts in Europe. Everspring is the first Asian manufacturer of Z-Wave products which launched its appliances in the European market. Those products include dimmers, switches, ON/OFF modules, flood and temperature sensors, smoke detectors and indoor/outdoor sirens. Unfortunately there is no information about availability and price. But I hope it’ll be reasonable.

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Digital bathroom from GROHE


The bathroom traditionally has less digital stuff them the rest rooms. And GROHE tries to change that producing its digital collection of sink, tub and shower faucets named Ondus. It offers a new, modern way to operate water flow, duration and temperature using icon based touch-buttons. The current temperature is displayed on the rounded LCD display. Additionally the Ondus shower/bath models allow to store preferable shower parameters for each family member.

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