EU version of Z-Wave motion detector three-in-one


HomeSeer produced an European version of its Z-Wave motion detector HSM100HSM100-EU. Additionally to the motion detection it provides an information about illumination and temperature. The HSM100-EU has a range of 10 meters and requires 3 AAA batteries to operate. The motion sensor should work in any Z-Wave certified system. But the temperature and illumination sensors are supported by the HomeSeer software only. That really not good if you use some other home automation system.

The HSM100-EU is available on the HomeSeer site and tagged at $80.95.

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WiFi router and Z-Wave controller in one


I already wrote about smart WiFi router Asus WL500G Premium which allows to extend its functionality using custom firmware. You can install there, for example, torrent client or SlimServer for Squeezebox media player. Recently I found Vera – Z-Wave controller which uses that model as a base. Vera support Z-Wave software version 5.02 and works fine with all Z-Wave devices. Using web interface consumer can add and manage devices such dimmers, switches, sensors etc as well, as create scenarios, events and timers. Additionally Vera tracks how much energy you are using and displays simple, visual charts according to different criteria.

Home automation is non-unique Vera’s function. Using completely plug-n-play IP cameras you can create a surveillance system quick and easy. Additionally Vera can control A/V equipment via infrared or RS232 (I suspect that something like GC100 is needed in that case). Vera cannot store energy usage statistic and video recording from security cameras. To store those you should subscribe to Vera’s service. But the good thing that the system can work without any subscription.

Vera is based on a messaging system like LinuxMCE. That allows to developers implement desire functionality in separate module using published API. Soon there will also be a Lua-based scripting language with a web based code generator to make it easier for non-programmers.

Z-Wave controller and WiFi router in one Vera is available on Smarthome site at $299.99.

Manage your door lock online


With Schlage LiNK Z-Wave powered door lock kit you will able to

  • assign personalized codes (up to 19) for each member of your household;
  • easily program Schlage LiNK to send automatic text or email updates so you know who enters your home;
  • confirm status of your Keypad Deadbolt from anywhere with your web enabled cell phone or computer;
  • remotely lock or unlock the door;
  • creates a Z-wave network within your home that securely connects the Schlage LiNK lockset or deadbolt to the internet and controls other Z-wave devices;
  • receive battery level status and alerts.

If you like it then additionally to $300 you should pay a small fees every month. The good advantage of Schlage LiNK is possibility to connect other Z-Wave devices in the house or flat and control them online as well. Additionally, all owners of iPhone can try to control the lock directly from their smartphones.

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Monitor your home with BT Home Monitor


Company Intamac has launched its broadband home monitoring products and services with WoonVeilig in The Netherlands. The BT Home Monitor VP1000 is easy to install DIY wireless security alarm and monitoring system. First of all it’s a security system. So, VP1000 includes a security panel and various wireless sensors: motion, smoke and flood detectors. The security panel offers a few pre-defined mode for the home security and possibility to connect to the broadband Internet to have access from everywhere. Additionally wireless D-Link IP cameras can be connected to the system to allow monitor you home.

The price of BT Home Monitor VP1000 including Main Control Panel, 2 Wireless Movement Detectors, Wireless Door Contact and Remote Keyfob is £115.99. Additionally consumer should pay £5 per month for the access to his online account and includes the cost of all outbound voice call, sms text message and e-mail notifications from our monitoring service. Additionally £2.5 should be paid for monitoring 4 IP cameras.

The new Intamac security system looks very similar to AlertMe but offers more useful features then it. However, AlertMe is based on standard home automation protocol ZigBee which is much better that using some proprietary unique one (I couldn’t find any information aboutVP1000 protocol). In any case, those two systems show a new tendency in the DIY home security and monitoring systems.

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HAI ships new line of video surveillance products


Home Automation, Inc. or HAI started to ship its new surveillance system. It includes a Network Digital Video Recorder (NDVR) and two high resolution cameras, along with various accessories.

NDVR sports 4-channels which allows to connect up to 16 cameras. It can be used stand-alone to view video via its embedded web server or used in conjunction with an HAI home control system where cameras can be viewed on HAI’s family of touchscreens, over the Internet or smartphone.

I like the ideology of HAI. It produces devices which can be used together with HAI home automation system as well, as stand-alone or with third part smarthome software.

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