Smart remote control from SAVANT


I saw a lot of different remote controls in my life. But SAVANT SELECT probably is one of the most impressive. Instead of a simple touchscreen it includes iPod Touch! Together with iPod Touch Apps and backlit hard keys the SAVANT SELECT gives to consumers a full control over their SAVANT home automation systems or entertainment areas. Additionally the remote control sports front and rear-facing cameras and includes a Lithium-Ion battery and elegant charging base.

Savant’s Home Automation iPad App

Savant's Home Automation iPad App

Savant – well-known producer of commercials smarthome systems, demonstrated its new application for Apple iPad. The application turns iPad into portable touchscreen control panel and offers a whole control under the system – lighting, climate, entertainment area, security and surveillance. It has an user friendly and nice looking GUI. Moreover, using Rosie Streamer consumer will able to strim video content directly to the iPad turned on it into portable media player.

Taking into account that the cheapest iPad version costs $499 the new Apple product looks very attractive for smarthome systems owners. Especially when they offer applications for that.

Savant’s GUI for N810


Savant Systems provides a big number of devices to control its home automation system. One of them is Nokia’s Internet Tablet. It run Savant’s proprietary software which offers a user friendly graphical interface to manage all devices known by the system.

If I understand clearly it’s impossible to install that software on your own device. You should buy pre-configured N810 from Savant.