More Than Just a Satellite Dish


One of the easiest way to watch a big number of TV channels is to install satellite dish. Usually consumers just get satellite receiver – plain or with PVR, and that’s it. But some companies offers more. One of them is Except a wide range of TV channels and unique devices like dual-tuners receivers, it offers additional equipment and services such Slingbox and remote access from PC or smartphone allowed to browse EPG, manage timers or playback recorded TV shows.

Check the Dish Network Equipment page for more info.

UPDATE: After official announcing of Google TV we known that Dish Network was named as an one of the Google TV partners!

The first live 3D broadcast of ballet from Mariinsky Theatre, Russia


Mariinsky Theatre, General Satellite and Platforma HD present tonight, April 15, the first live 3D broadcast of ballet in the world! It’ll include fragments of the legendary ballets of the “golden fund” of the Mariinsky Theatre in a performance of world ballet stars Ulyana Lopatkina, Irma Nioradze, Victoria Tereshkina, Alina Luba and Igor Zelensky, Leonid Sarafanov, Vladimir Shklyarov, Anastasia and Denis Matvienko and others.

The broadcast won’t be encrypted. So, everybody who have 3D equipment and will able tune channel 3DSAT TV may enjoy famous Russian ballet! Here is parameters to tune:
Frequency: 11747 MHz
Polarization: Horizontal
Modulation: DVB-S/QPSK
Symbol rate: 27500,
FEC = 3 / 4
Channel: 3DSAT TV

As you remember the English satellite operator Sky opened era of 3D broadcasting by football game between Manchester United and Arsenal. But Russian satellite operator Platforma HD chose ballet. You may understand who is strong in football and who – in ballet 😉

The first 3D channel in Russia and Eastern Europe


PlatformaHD, one of the bigger Russian satellite TV provider, has announced together with Samsung Electronics and General Satellite the first 3D channel in Russia and Eastern Europe! Subscribers will be able to use modified satellite receiver HD-9300 from General Satellite and 3D TV Samsung – PS42B450B1W, PS42B451B2W, PS50B450B1W, PS50B451B2W, produced and available in Russia, or active 3D-glasses SSG2000.

Currently there is no any information about the date of starting 3D broadcasting and the price for subscription. Hope it’ll be available this Summer at the latest. Also it’d be interesting to see what another big player on the Russian satellite TV market NTV+ will do.

The VDR 1.7.10 is ready for testing


Next developer version of popular Linux-based software to organize PVR was released recently for testing. There is mostly bug fixing in the changelog. Just a few new languages were added to the user interface.

I’d like to remind you that main purpose of the 1.7.x branch is adding support of HDTV and DVB-S2. So, if you’re planing to watch satellite or terrestrial HD channels the VDR 1.7.x should suit you. Regardless of instable a lot of people use that version on their HTPC. Sure you should be ready to solve some problems by yourself or with VDR community.

iPhone Satellite Finder

iPhone App provided by DishPointer might be useful for satellite TV professional and enthusiasts. It helps to find available satellites with iPhone 3G(S) very easy. See the video below demonstrated the App in action.

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