PLEX client for Samsung SmartTV

PLEX is coming to Samsung SmartTV. The client is implemented as a widget. It isn’t perfect yet. But it offers quite enough features such a browsing of media library, watching movies and TV shows, pausing, fastforward, continue watching of movie from where it was stopped. Note to be able use PLEX client on your Samsung TV you should have PLEX server. This is the most important difference between XBMC and PLEX. Client-server architecture allows to bring PLEX to various devices like Roku, LG or Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players.

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“Smart View” mirrors TV to smartphone and more

Smart TV platform

Samsung’s Smart TV platform seems very successful. It hit 5 million TV app downloads worldwide in less than 15 months! The new cool app offered by Smart TV called Smart View. It allows to mirror TV content on Android based smartphone or tablet over WiFi. Moreover, using that app user may access Smart TV apps loaded on the TV, use the app as a game controller, check TV listings and much much more.

Currently Smart VIew is supported by Samsung GALAXY S II only. Other Samsung’s smartphone and tablets will run it soon. I don’t think Samsung will allow to use the Smart View on Android devices of other manufactures. Corporate interests are above all.

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Samsung Smart TV live streaming to Galaxy Tab

Samsung Smart TV live streaming to Galaxy Tab

Samsung demonstrated its new application for Galaxy Tabs or a Galaxy-series Android smartphones which not just tuns them to advanced remote control but also allows to watch Smart TV live stream over WiFi. That application will be available on the new Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. It also can be installed from the Samsung App Store. Good advantage to your Smart TV!

Samsung demonstrates its Social TV and awesome remote

Samsung Social TV

Samsung presented its new Smart TV application – Social TV which mixes Facebook, Google Talk, and Twitter in one. So, if you’re active user of those social services you may enjoy them directly on your Samsung TV. Of course, the QWERTY remote control will help you with navigation and typing text. It supports both – RF (for keyboard) and IR (for remote control layout) technologies. This is a really clever solution in my opinion.

You may see Samsung’s Social TV and QWERTY remote control in action on demo video below.

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‘Smart’ QWERTY TV Remote from Samsung

Samsung QWERTY TV Remote

Samsung announced its new $99.99 remote control included QWERTY keyboard. It’ll make navigation through various online media services added to Samsung Smart TVs more convenient.

The new Samsung QWERTY TV Remote will come bundled with LED D8000 and D7000 Series and Plasma D8000 Series Smart TVs. It’ll be also compatible with LED D6300 Series models and up.

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