Streamlined IRblaster

Streamlined IRblaster

Here is a streamlined IRblaster to control your TV from PVR such as VDR, MythTV or Freevo. It’s connected to the COM port and allows to send IR commands over five meters (original IRblaster doesn’t have this adantage). IRblaster is supported by Linux IR project LIRC.

You can buy streamlined IRblaster for $19.99 USD + $6.50 USD shipping.

Philips Prestigo Remote Control

SRU9600 The new Philips Prestigo (SRU9600) remote control blends control, comfort and convenience together. It has built-in LCD touchscreen which displays the buttons you need to operate the currently selected device only. Simple and general commands, such as volume and channel up/down, can also be activated by hard keys on the unit as well.

The remote can control up to 8 different devices from 20 categories. The set-up wizard and the remote’s learning capabilities (to learn IR codes from other remote just point to it!) make process of configuration easy and intuitive.

The SRU9600 is available at all leading electronic stores and retailing at $239.

[via eHomeUpgrade and HardwareZone]

Philips Pronto Professional

Pronto Professional

Philips is going to announce its new IR controller Pronto Professional TSU9600 on CEDIA 2006. The TSU9600 has “ultra-reliable wireless extenders, and more functionality for multi-room solutions”. The unit will be programmed with a new software called ProntoEdit Professional which will make programming procedure easily.

The 3.7-inch touchscreen has an amazing 640 x 480 (full VGA) display, giving it a higher pixel density than any current touchscreen home control unit. The display has a virtually unbreakable protective screen cover that eliminates a potential cause of failure in touchscreen devices.

[via RemoteShoppe]

RTI T2C Universal Controller

RTI T2C Universal Controller The company RTI, which has a bunch of various remotes, has released a T2C. This is a universal controller:

The sleek remote gives the user control over nearly everything from the home theater, audio sound system/stereo, even the lighting and drapes.

The T2C is based on 32-bit, 200MHz XScale processor and has full-color LCD touchscreen. The remote also has thirty-five programmable buttons, which the user can personally program using RTI’s Windows-based TheaterTouch Designer software.

Another good feature is 16 Megabytes of flash memory which saves all setting even of a battery failure.

The price of this amazing controller is also amazing – $799! It is comparable with the cost of home server or HTPC. But how knows maybe someone needs T2C more than home server or HTPC.

[via ScreenHead]

Satellite radio in a remote

Sirius Conductor

Sirius has announced the Conductor, a home satellite-radio system consisting of a small tuner, an indoor/outdoor antenna, and a supercharged universal remote. The remote was developed by team who made Nevo remote lines. The 6-in-1 remote can be used to control other AV devices. It offers both infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) communication. So, the remote can communicate with the base station through walls and obstructions – up to 45 meters away.

The Conductor is set to be released in November. It’s cool gadget by modest price. You get a satellite radio streammer and 6-in-1 universal remote with a three-line LCD display just for $150!
Once I already wrote about nice looking Sonos ZonePlayer. You might be interested to see a brief comparison the Conductor and Sonos ZonePlayer.

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