Mac OS X widget to control Boxee

Boxee Remote 1.0

This simple dashboard widget for Mac OS X allows to control your Boxee box remotely from your laptop over local network. It offers following functions: navigation, playback and volume control. Internally the widget uses XBMC HTTP API and works fine with Boxee Alpha You may download it here.

Open your door remotelly


Remote for cars locks is already standard de-facto. It’s handy, compact and more or less secure. With the Locca Access keyless entry system you can open the same manner door in your house or flat.
The system includes two remote controls and an easily installed receiver that stores up to 19 secret codes, and there’s a backup battery inside that will keep the system working for 48 hours if there’s a power outage. The remote can trigger the door opener from a distance up to 50 meters. You can buy Locca Access for £39.99.

[via Sci Fi Tech]

Make Way for Logitech’s Harmony 890

Logitech Harmony

If you’re tired of a bunch of audio-video remote controls and you’d like to consolidate their functionality in one of those cheapie manually programmable “universal” remotes, Logitech’s Harmony 890 just might be what you’re looking for. The 890 comes with a combination USB-based battery charger and dock to connect it to your computer. The 890 Windows-based software provides a nice interface for defining your devices (audio-video components) and putting them together in a variety of useful on-off, initialization combinations.
Harmony 890 allows to control up to 15 devices, including any home-entertainment equipment, plus lighting and household appliances.
The price of Harmony 890 is about $399.00. It isn’t cheap but I hope that this price is defensible.

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HomeSeer Remote Access Service

HomeSeer Technologies announces the release of its new remote access service, MyHomeSeer-Connect. The new service simplifies the process of setting up remote internet connections to monitor and control lighting, security, HVAC, irrigation and audio/video systems in HomeSeer-enabled homes. The new service is specifically designed for homeowners with standard DSL, cable and dial-up internet connections and should be compatible with all internet service providers.

Cost for the service is just $19.95 per year; less than $2/month. Users must have the latest version of HomeSeer software installed and (of course) an internet connection.

MyHomeSeer-Connect service is now available at

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Intelligent digital home controller

intelligent digital home controller

Korean company Utas offers Caviar ITRC 7000 – intelligent digital home controller with 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen, which will replace all remotes in your home and even more. This based on Windows CE controller lets you control just about any IR-based device in your house, either straight out of the box or by programming it using the existing remote. Additionally, it can be programmed via USB port.
The Caviar ITRC 7000 also allows to create macros to reduce daily button mashing routine and contains a calendar, calculator and clock. The controller looks nice but it doesn’t include possibility to use RF, which is much better than IR.
The price of Caviar ITRC 7000 is tagged at $420 in Korea.

[via Engadget]

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