Turn your iOS device into universal remote control

Zapper VooMote

VooMote Zapper can turn your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad into universal remote control with extended functions. To do that it combines VooMote iOS App and Zapper – compact and stylish IR transmitter. The application offers all functions of ordinary remote control and more. You may build your own custom layout for each device. While Zapper allows to learn IR commands from your original remote control if it isn’t listed in the VooMote database.

The VooMote Zapper will be available on October at €49.99 or $69.99. Additionally you may get a stylish cover for your iOS device in the same color as the Zapper.

Smart remote control from SAVANT


I saw a lot of different remote controls in my life. But SAVANT SELECT probably is one of the most impressive. Instead of a simple touchscreen it includes iPod Touch! Together with iPod Touch Apps and backlit hard keys the SAVANT SELECT gives to consumers a full control over their SAVANT home automation systems or entertainment areas. Additionally the remote control sports front and rear-facing cameras and includes a Lithium-Ion battery and elegant charging base.

From remote control to pointer


Looks like the next devices to control AV equipment will be pointer (till the gesture interfaces will be available for mass-production). The American company Hillcrest Labs announced its new pointer – Scoop Pointer and software for it. The pointer has six-axis control and nine programmable buttons, which should make control under HTPC or smart TV easier and more natural. The device will be available in Q4 under different brands.

As a owner Gyration remote control with built-in pointer I can say it’s really cool. Even for the flat oriented navigation like in XBMC.

Low Cost Thermostatic Electronic Radiator Valve

Thermostatic Electronic Radiator Valve

British company Chalmor recently launched low cost and elegant thermostatic electronic radiator valve eTRV. It’ll be good option for home owners who would like to control heating system but don’t want to have any complicated control system.

The eTRV is controlled by slim remote control which allows to setup desire temperature mode and get feedback about current one. It costs just £60 and can swap easily existing thermostatic radiator valves. The Chalmor tells using of the eTRV might save on gas or oil central heating costs by typically between 15% and 25%.

If you’re interesting to use the eTRV you may buy it on Chalmor web site as well as get more info about it and its remote control.

[via AutomatedHome]

Universal IR/RF/WiFi Android based remote control

Conspin ANDI-ONE Universal Wi-Fi / IR / RF Controller

Conspin recently introduced its new smart remote control called ANDI-ONE. It’s based on Android 2.1 (Eclair), supports IR, RF and WiFi and allows to control up to 50 devices! The ANDI-ONE sports a 3.5 inch (320*480) LCD display to display different remote control layouts as well as Android’s applications like a photo frame, the watch, weather information, headline news etc. Moreover, it can playback media content to a TV via HDMI and makes VoIP calls thanks built-in microphone and speakers. Additionally the remote control has three-axis accelerometer. So, it can be used as a spatial mouse.

The ANDI-ONE battery can be charged via PC/notebook USB port or using stylish dock. The full charge allows to use it for 20 hours.

Currently there is no any information about availability or price of Conspin ANDI-ONE. Hope it won’t take too much time for producer to bring that fantastic device on the market.

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