Mvix UltioPro HD Media Center with PVR


Mvix expanded its media player family by producing Mvix UltioPro. That player offers a standard range of network media player’s features. It supports all well-known media codecs and containers and allows to play media content from internal HDD, attached USB storage or network shares. The player is ready for Full HD video (I didn’t find anything about HD audio in its spec). But in addition to that the Mvix UltioPro has possibility to record video from external sources via Composite input. That unique feature for such devices can help you convert your VHS library into digital format.

The Mvix UltioPro HD Media Center with PVR is available at $169 without HDD on the Mvix online shop. To be able connect the player to the LAN via WiFi it should be paid additionally $19.99 (802.11g) or $39.00 (802.11n). The price and PVR feature make the Mvix UltioPro is very attractive for buying.

Grab’n’GO Multimedia Recorder & Player

Grab'n'GO Multimedia Recorder & Player

If you’d like to have personal video recorder (PVR) but wouldn’t to buy an expensive one or build it by yourself the new Conceptronic Grab’n’GO Multimedia Recorder & Player is probably what do you really need. Thanks to built-in storage and integrated analog TV tuner the device allows to record TV shows, pause LiveTV, create a recording schedule. Additionally, it can record video from DVD player, set-top box or camcorder.

It’s planing that Grab’n’GO Multimedia Recorder & Player will be shipped with HDD in 500Gb which should be enough to store more than 228 hours in high quality video and more than 656 hours in low quality. It also acan be connected to the PC via USB to copy media content (XviD, AVI, MPEG 1/2/4,JPEG, MP3, WAV and VOB are supported) from/to device.

The CM3PVR is now available, with a retail price starting from € 269,- incl. VAT (500GB).

[via eHomeUpgrade]